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[Experiment Results]: SoCon Fiji - Mobile Money (1/2) Access in Fiji December 2018

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In our experiment, the team focused on the channel testing phase of the lean process. We worked on validating access to mobile money as a payment system through proving that:

  1. The level of phone penetration was sufficiently high

  2. There is reliable network coverage in communities to enable mobile money transfers

  3. Villagers live in close proximity to a mobile money dealer to be able to convert cash into mobile money transfer.



We acquired data regarding these metrics by surveying 33 people and the results are as follows:


  1. 84.9% of villagers owned a mobile phone

  • 39.4% owned basic phones
  • 45.5% owned a smartphone


  1. 100% of villagers were happy with their network, claiming that they always had reliable coverage and did not have any complaints regarding their provider


  1. 41.9% of villagers are within close proximity to a mobile money dealer (within 1 hour walking distance)


Validated Learning:

Overall, our findings (statistics) were able to validate the first 2 of our assumptions.


We found that most villagers owned a mobile phone. We also found that of the 15.2% that did not own mobile phones, all had access to a phone via a family member or neighbour.


While requirement 3 (close proximity) was not satisfied, our results from the Mobile Money (2/2) Knowledge and Usage survey, conducted in conjunction with this survey, found that 87.9% of the same 33 respondents visited Sigatoka town at least once a week.


Therefore, while less than 50% of villagers live within close proximity, we could reasonably infer that the frequency of trips made to town is sufficient to validate the assumption that villagers do have reasonable access to a mobile money dealer, enabling their ability to convert cash into mobile money.

Next Move:  

There are a few things that need to be validated in the next mobile money experiment including:

  • Whether customers have knowledge and understanding surrounding usage of mobile money
  • Customers’ willingness to use mobile money for the prepayment plans


From this month we have collated a lot of data which have aided our understanding of Fijians’ access to mobile money. However, we have also identified many areas that need to be researched further which will be validated in the next mobile money survey. We will be posting this soon.


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