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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS]: Health Consulting Malawi - Validate early adopters within current customer segment December 2018

Reference to Experiment Post:

The experiment was focussed on validating the assumption that Heads of Clinics were the appropriate customer segment to be identified as our early adopters. The long-term goal was to discover the challenges clinicians face within the health care system and identify whether they are currently taking actions to solve the same challenges.

Reassert Lean Phase: Customer segment


The purpose of the experiment is to validate whether Heads of Clinics will be our early adopters.


Of the 8 clinics interviewed it was found that 75% felt helpless and overwhelmed as they were unable to sufficiently provide healthcare services to the people they felt responsible for.


87.5% of clinicians identified overcapacity as being a major issue

75% of clinicians stated that they felt overworked

50% of clinicians identified that they lacked sufficient access to resources

87.5% of clinicians highlighted a compromise of care

100% of clinicians stated that they experience inadequate face-to-face consultation time with patients

Early adopter behaviours

62.5% of clinicians stated that they have specific days to manage different patient categories

75% of clinicians stated that they extended their working hours to alleviate capacity pressure

62.5% of clinicians identified that they are seeking to employ or have employed more staff

62.5% of clinicians described that they are integrating educational programs

These statistics show that inefficient access to healthcare is a result of clinic overcapacity and an overall demand for clinician services that they are unable to meet.

The success metric or green light has been achieved with over 60% of clinics demonstrating early adopter behaviours as they are currently taking action to solve the problem being inefficient provision of healthcare.

Validated Learning:

Our results confirm the hypothesis that Heads of Clinics will be our early adopters.

In obtaining these results it was key to firstly identify who felt helpless and overwhelmed that they could not sufficiently help the people they felt responsible for helping. Once this was identified, we were able to determine who demonstrated behaviours enacted to directly address their existing problems.  

The results obtained from this experiment have some limitations. Firstly, two separate interviews were conducted at one clinic - Zingwangwa Health Centre. Although this was done in order to obtain a broad insight frot two senior clinicians, this may have an impact on the validity of the results. Secondly, in the proposed experiment post, we stated that we were going to interview 10 heads of clinic. In conducting the experiment, however, we were constrained to only 8 interviews due to a lack of accessibility to public clinics in the Blantyre region. Finally, although our targeted customer segment is heads of clinics, due to practically and versatility of insight, we conducted interviews with various senior clinicians, nurses and supervisors. This may affect results as not all interviewees came directly within our defined customer segment however, we felt that for the purpose of generating an accurate understanding of the day to day challenges in clinics, these interviewees were appropriate.

We have validated that Heads of Clinics are the early adopters within our customer segment.  

This learning warrants a further experiment validating the next component of the Lean Canvas; Problem.

Next Move:

The next experiment to be conducted is to validate that Heads of Clinics are actively seeking to alleviate their frustration with inefficiency/ineffectiveness of health care delivery. Refer to the “[EXPERIMENT ADOPTED]: Health Malawi - Offer Test - December 2018”.


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Ella Grier Dec 13, 2018

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Isaac Crawford Dec 26, 2018

Awesome results here. With the identified limitations of only speaking to 8 senior clinicians rather than 10, could a possible solution be to try and search through past clinician surveys within the health project to define whether other clinicians have shown similar early adopter behaviours?

Only a thought as I can see the black label post has gone up - but it could be useful to attempt to try use past resources (although they will not always be examining the exact same thing) when validating experiments.


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