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[Proposed Experiment]: Solar Consulting Malawi - Blantyre Poster experiment - December 2018

[Proposed Experiment]: Solar Consulting Malawi - Blantyre Poster experiment - December 2018


Lean Phase: Channels

Assumption: People in urban regions will interact with a poster advertising solar and to get in contact via USSD.

Time Period: 2 weeks

Success Metric: Number of people from Blantyre interacting with the USSD system is enough to convert 4 sales at the current ratio of 20 EOI to sales. The USSD system costs 45,000 kwacha and 15,000 kwacha/month and to place 40 posters costs 5,000 kwacha/ month, as we make a minimum of 14,000 kwacha per unit. A minimum of 4 units are needed to be profitable

Green light: Success point. If over 80 people interact with USSD system

Actions on if green - supply more posters and receive feedback on the effectiveness of the poster

Orange light: Re-evaluate the poster and ensure that the poster is conveying the necessary information.

Red light: If under 40 people interact with the poster

Actions on if red - stop posting posters

Experiment build

  1. Place a large amount (40) of poster in highly travelled locations around central Blantyre

  2. Record how many people from the central blantyre area interact with the USSD system advertised on the poster

Experiment results

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edited on 26th December 2018, 06:12 by Michael Koschel

Alexander Teicher 11 months ago

I like the idea of some advertising happening for Solar, just wondering where the success numbers came from? Is 200 a specific conversion rate on the expected number of exposures to leads, or does 200 leads give a specific outcome based on that would lead to X number of sales based on your previous experience with lead conversion to sales?

Very minor thing is orange light 40-100 or 100-200? the 40-100 range isnt defined very clearly.

Im very interested to see what kind of results this produces as we could then look into doing a similar thing in Timor with poster advertising.

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Michael Koschel 11 months ago

I've changed the success metric to not be arbitrary numbers but to relate to our average conversion from expression of interest to sale and the sustainable amount of sales given the cost of USSD and posters

Thanks for your input, it added a lot of direction to the experiment

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Alexander Teicher 11 months ago

Looks really good cant wait to see the results from this!

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neilnash 4 months ago

I've updated the project brief to reflect the goals you have placed here but suggest you update them as per Andrew's post then I can update in the brief. Thanks.

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Taylor Wilson 2 months ago

JCM Power and InfraCo Africa Limited will give the improvement money to carry the task to

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