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[PROPOSED EXPERIMENT]: Scalability (Marketing Strategy) FarmEd Fiji December 2018

Rebecca Lu
Rebecca Lu | Dec 12, 2018 | in FarmEd - Fiji

Lean Phase:

MVP Prototyping/Solution.



  1. Customers and businesses are willing to assist us in promoting our traditional marketing materials including posters and pamphlets in their stores or offices.


  1. Linkage between increased engagement of customers and/or businesses and the distribution of our posters/pamphlets.


Time Box:

1 week.


Success Metric:

We want to measure:

  • The number of response from the distribution of posters and pamphlets to know the effectiveness of traditional marketing.


  • The willingness of stores and/or business stakeholders to establish collaborations with FarmEd.


Green Light - Proceed if FarmEd:

  • Receives 15 text inquiries about the app from posters and pamphlets.

  • Has successful collaborated with a minimum of 5 stores in Sigatoka.

Orange Light - Proceed if FarmEd:

  • Receives 10 text inquiries about the app from posters and pamphlets.

  • Has successfully collaborated with 2-4 stores in Sigatoka.

  • Note: potential changes in traditional marketing strategies, i.e. posters and pamphlets

Failure Point:

  • No text inquiries received about the app from posters and pamphlets.

  • No successful collaborations with any stores in Sigatoka.

  • No expressions of interest from existing and potential stakeholders.


Red Light - Failure Protocol:

  • Identify the issues and reasons for failure in regards to traditional marketing strategies (posters and pamphlets).

  • Improve/pivot strategies in accordance with the problems identified previously.

  • Reassess the appropriateness and effectiveness of marketing strategies based on feedback provided by stakeholders.


Experiment build:

  1. Seek potential collaborations with stores and businesses within Sigatoka.

  2. Design and distribute appropriate, accurate and cost-effective traditional marketing materials to further increase exposure.

  3. Keep track of feedbacks and responses from stakeholders.

  4. Validate the usefulness and relevance of marketing strategies used.

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Rose Martin Dec 13, 2018

Love this idea (!!!) and think traditional forms of marketing such as this might have luck in Sig town.

Have you done any research into or have any strong assumptions as to where you will place these posters and pamphlets and in which stores? i.e. will you just place them somewhere, or get shop owners to hand them out? This will obviously be a heavy variable in your experiment, and obviously if you're looking for collaborations, maybe FarmEd already has some research previously collected about the customer segment and likely places that they frequently interact in Sigatoka?
Alternatively, it would be interesting to see whether traditional marketing methods such as this could also work in places such as in villages (in addition to sig town), i.e. if you could somehow distribute pamphlets to headmen or something?

Keen to see how this goes!

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Rebecca Lu Dec 16, 2018

Hi Rose, thanks so much for your feedback and my apologies for the late reply.

Firstly, we have done research on potential locations where we can display our traditional marketing materials in advance by talking directly to store/business owners in Sigatoka town. Most of them were very interested in the idea and were willing to assist us without charging additional costs. We currently focus on hanging posters in stores that either have a strong presence in Sigatoka town i.e. Vodafone or have a large farmers customer base i.e. fertiliser stores, agri-stores etc.

Secondly, it is important to note that we have made a pivot this year and are no longer holding workshops. Rather, we have developed an app that focuses on digitalising and tailoring farm planning to better the livelihoods of farmers in a cost-effective and time-efficient manner. Hence, to our knowledge, we are not aware of any previous collaborations with stores and/or businesses in Sigatoka for the specific purpose of distributing our traditional marketing materials. However, we will definitely update our progress on the Drive for future references if the experiment results are able to prove the scalability and success of such marketing methods.

Lastly, testing out such traditional marketing methods in villages is something we haven’t considered due to the fact that our team focuses on B2B sales rather than B2C, time limitations, team rotations, and uncertainties – as this is a relatively new idea – but we will definitely look into handing them out in upcoming village visits to test out whether such marketing strategy can be potentially scalable and expanded.

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Fiona Aaron Dec 18, 2018

Could you post your pipeline or target list so that we can get an understanding of what sort of businesses you are targeting and what reach that could give you?
How's the experiment going so far? Please make sure to post your results as well when completed!

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Rebecca Lu Dec 19, 2018

Hi Fiona, please find the results of our experiment in the following link:

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Grace Blackford Dec 18, 2018

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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