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[Proposed Experiment for January] Fuel Fiji Dec 2018 - Agents Experiment (Channels)


Lean Phase: Channel Testing

Assumption: Bus and Carrier drivers from inland villages provide an effective means of marketing the product and collecting leads

Time Period: 2 weeks


Success Metric:

The conversion rate of leads and expression of interests.


Success Criteria:

Green Light Point – Agents generate a 30% leads conversion

Green Light Proceed:  Continue using the agents such as bus drivers and carriers that provide transport to inland villages. Produce SOPs for recruiting further agents, and recruit further.


Orange Light Point -  Agents generate a 10% - 30% leads conversion

Orange Light optimise: Review training and SOP’s for the agents and repeat the experiment.


Red Light Point –  Agents generate less than 10% conversion

Red Light Failure: Conduct a location analysis of bus and carrier routes, potentially move to other agents


Experiment build:

Agents will be used to distribute brochures to people travelling from inland villages to Sigatoka Town.

  1. Agents will be trained to follow the Fuel Sales Pitch

  2. Agents will be provided with 50 brochures each detailing the use and benefits of Buka Stove.

  3. Each brochure will be linked to a specific phone number provided on the brochure to track the conversion rate from each agent.

  4. Agents will be paid $5 once they’ve distributed the 50 brochures.

  5. The number of sales will be compared to the cost of the agent.

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