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[DEC 18] [COLLECTION] [EXPERIMENT RESULTS] Customer Feedback Experiment

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Lean Phase: Cost structure and revenue streams


Assumption: Current customers will want to resign contracts.


Results: ERS has currently got 8 customers that get their plastic & glass bottles collected as well as their aluminum cans. At the moment there are premium customers who are on a $10 collection service and Bagpay which is a $4 collection service. Of the eight customers we have contacted and spoken to seven of them, the customers that were spoken to were, Plaza Hotel, Hotel Timor, Metro Apartments and hotels, Pro Ema, WEC, SDV and ETDA. The only customer that we are yet to get a hold of is Moby’s who has been visited multiple and has been a no show. Of the Seven Customers that have been seen four want to resign contracts, this gives a result of 57% falling under orange light optimise. From meeting minutes it can be found that there are two common themes with customers that are not willing to resign. The first being lack of reliability and consistency of payment collection by ERS staff during the months of July and December. Mirna the principle of WEC stated “she does not think the staff are trained very well” and also expressed multiple times that she wanted her plastic bottles collected and called but no one answered, as she is an on call service. The other reason is because the customers that we have don't have enough recycling to give us, this is because they are repurposing it themselves or there isnt a large enough inflow of recyclables into their business. Pro Ema is starting a community skill development program that teaches locals artwork using recycled glass, plastic and aluminum. Ballore Logistics SDV and ETDA both expressed their willingness to sign new contracts as they value recycling and are very sustainably conscious  however do not have the volume of recycling for monthly pick- ups and are on call.



Validated Learning: This Validates that customers are somewhat happy with the service and happy to continue with ERS, but highlights that there needs to be a change in the way the service runs and the customers that we sign. On call customers are valuable to the service, but for ERS to be a viable option there need to be more customers, but those customers must have a frequent collection service.



Next Move:  Meet with local Timorese staff of ERS to have more training, and better adapt a way of collecting payment. Create a sales pipeline for future customers and put past and previous customers in the correct section of the pipeline.


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Fantastic. Have you created new experiments to follow on from these results?

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