Experiment Results

[Experiment Results]: Fuel Timor-Leste - Offer Testing - December 2018

Reassert Lean Phase: Problem


Reassert Assumption:

Our assumption was that the communities in Hera and Dili will be interested in a solution to address their problem(s) with cooking fuels.


Offer Test: Do individuals in Hera and Dili have a problem with their cooking? Would communities be interested in a solution to address their problem(s) with cooking fuels?



Hit Green Light Target

The results so far have been 75.6% positive responses from 45 results.

Our monthly target of 15% of people engaged was reached which confirms the stated assumption. This shows an overwhelming yes to the question of whether people in the Dili area have a fuel problem and are interested in a solution.

The vast majority of individuals in Hera and Dili had one or more problems with their current cooking method and responded positively to a solution for these problems. Common trends in problems from the compiled data include: cost of fuel 38.5% and too much smoke 56.4%.


As we only have data from 45 results, more data must be gathered in order to draft a further post validating a component of the Lean Canvas.


Next Move:

Our next move will be conducting Currency Testing to determine willingness to pay for a solution in Dili and Hera regions.

  • Conduct Currency Testing with individuals in the regions of Dili suburbs and Dili farms, Hera and Dare.
  • Conduct Price Testing in above regions.
  • Research and develop applicable Solution Ideation from the above tests.


Stay tuned for Crowdicity posts in the coming days for more details on currency and price testing.


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