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[EXPERIMENT RESULTS] Smartphone Assessment - FarmEd Timor December 2018

Conor Young
Conor Young | Dec 5, 2018 | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste

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Lean Phase: Key Metrics


Assumption: Farmers have access to a smartphone that can run the FarmEd app


Results: Based on sample data, smartphone ownership is 69.2% of the 40 farmers in Dare, Hera, Dili and Liquica interviewed, whilst access to a smartphone is increased to 70.3% of the sample population. Furthermore, 70% of respondents indicated that they believed phone usage would grow. The results indicated a positive relationship with users and their phones, supporting the implementation of FarmEd application. It is important to note that smartphone ownership is higher in the wealthier regions of Hera and Dili.

*Note that this data has been compiled from previous months.


Validated Learning:

The hypothesis: ‘Farmers will have access and use smartphone technology’ seems to be validated by the results. The results do seem to be clear enough although a larger sample could have been taken to increase the confidence levels of the outcomes. A major issue that may impact the FarmEd suitability is the issue of internet connection, which will also need to be assessed. The “next move” explains further steps that need to be taken that relate specifically to FarmEd Suitability Tests.


Next Move:  

The next experiment to be conducted is any other FarmEd suitability tests, these include Literacy Assessment, Reception Assessment, Data Assessment, Phone Charge Assessment etc. The FarmEd suitability tests are used to determine whether FarmEd as an application will be successful based on farmers needs and access to technology.


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Lucy Preiss Dec 5, 2018

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Fiona Aaron Dec 11, 2018

It would also be great to see of the farmers that do have smartphones, how many download and use apps and how comfortable they are with this process.

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Conor Young Dec 17, 2018

Hi Fiona, definitely important to develop an understanding in. We are wrapping up the farmers suitability testing over the next couple days were there will be a summary of empirical and also quantitative data this will contain information that explains farmers technical capabilities. Also information from the communication crowdicity post also provides some explanation for your questions.

The crowdicity post can be found here:

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Fiona Aaron Dec 18, 2018

Awesome, thanks Conor!

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