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[Proposed Experiment] Solar Malawi Dec 18 - Community Meetings in New Regions


Lean Phase: Channel Testing

Assumption: Sales can be effectively acquired through community meetings in different regions.

Time Period: 6 weeks

Success Metric:

The number of sales made.


Green Light - Conduct agents, poster and automated ordering experiments in new regions.

Success point – Community meetings generate equal to, or more than the number of sales in the Nancholi region.

Orange Light - Engage with village elders and chiefs as to find potential reasons why and review and adapt sales pitch to suit the demographic.

Failure Point: Community meetings generate less than 30 % as many sales compared to Nancholi meetings.

Red Light –  Review and test the community meetings in Nancholi.  

Experiment build:

PEV personnel will run community meetings in two new regions, continuing work into January.

  1. Build relationships with village chiefs and further field guides for the regions.

  2. Educate the chiefs on the products, and the field guides on the products and sales SOPs.

  3. Conduct 2 community meetings through word of mouth of the chiefs and guides in each region.

    1. Make upfront and payment plan sales at the meetings to assess demand of each.

Assess the total number of sales made through this channel.

Experiment Results:


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Andrew Vild 11 months ago

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Andrew Vild 11 months ago

Just went through this again and noticed that the success point doesn't have an amount or percentage of sales made in a meeting. Whether you have 80% conversion or "10 sales" or whatever else.

Referencing your customer engagement experiment where the success point is defined as:
"Success point – 90% of community members engaged that are an energy product customer and NPS higher than 50 OR satisfaction of product averages 8.5/10"

So it is clear you need to hit 90% of your 87 customers.

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Fiona Aaron 10 months ago

Really good point Andrew. Patrick, could you please amend this experiment to factor in Andrew's point.

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