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[Adopted Experiment] Energy Malawi Dec 2018 - Agents Experiment (2/2)


Lean Phase: Channel Testing


Interns provide an effective means of ordering the product.

Time Period: 2 weeks

Success Metric:

The conversion rate of sales made


Green Light - Continue using the interns at community meetings and door to door.  Produce SOPs for recruiting further agents, and recruit further.

Success point – Interns generate a 70% conversion, compared to PEV personnel.

Orange Light - Review training and SOP’s for the agents, and repeat the experiment.

Failure Point: Interns generate less than a  25% conversion, compared to PEV personnel

Red Light –  Conduct a location analysis of community meetings run by members of the PEV Solar Team.

Experiment build:

Interns will be used to conduct door to door sales and run community meetings.

  1. Interns will be trained to follow the PEV Solar SOP’s for holding meetings, door to door sales, sales pitches, financial pitches and inputting and analysing customer relationship management information.

  2. Construct payment methods.

  3. Interns will conduct door to door sales pitching.

  4. Interns will arrange and conduct community meetings, observed by members of the Solar Team.  

    1. These community meetings involve building rapport with members of the community, running through the sales pitch, and running through the payment plan pitch.

    2. They will be held in the villages.

  5. The number of sales will be compared to the cost of the agent.

Experiment Results:


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Andrew Vild 11 months ago

Let me know when this has changed to adopted and I will mark as such

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Patrick Edwards 11 months ago

Adopted with Mphukira

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Andrew Vild 11 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Fiona Aaron 10 months ago

Just wondering how this experiment has gone? Any results to post? Thanks

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