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[Adopted Experiment] Solar Malawi Dec 18 - Nancholi Community Meetings


Lean Phase: Channel Testing

Assumption: Community Meetings provide an effective means of ordering the product.

Time Period: 2 weeks

Success metric:

The number of sales made.


Green Light - Conduct the Agents Experiments and conduct community meetings in other regions.

Success point – Community meetings generate a sales conversion greater than 40%

Orange Light - Engage with village elders and chiefs as to find potential reasons why, review and adapt sales pitch, and repeat the experiment.

Failure Point: Community meetings generate a sales conversion of less than 10%.

Red Light –  Review the customer segment and assess who the early adopters are.  

Experiment build:

PEV personnel will run community meetings in the Nancholi Region.

  1. Contact the village chiefs to arrange community meetings.

  2. Conduct two community meetings.

    1. Firstly, conduct an upfront payment only village meeting, concurrent with a feedback community meeting.

    2. Assess repayment rates of payment plan sales, revenue requirements and demand to determine the number of payment plan sales offered.

    3. Conduct a community meeting for payment plan sales.

  3. Repeat step two for four different villages in Nancholi.

Assess the total number of sales made through this channel.

Experiment Results:


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Andrew Vild 11 months ago

Status label added: Experiment adopted

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Andrew Vild 11 months ago

In terms of metrics around this. It would be good to work out how we measure "effectiveness". Are we looking at the time investment of F2F compared to community meeting. Are we looking at leads generated or the opportunities that the communities create? Is this an effective point of contact that contributes to a sale being obtained?

It takes multiple touch-points for a lead to convert to a sale. The Developed World claims to need 6-8 touch points due to the complexity of digital, advertisement overload etc.

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Patrick Edwards 11 months ago

The intention for this experiment is to assess if it is an effective point of contact that contributes to a sale, and then to further into testing the time investment and opportunity cost of it.

We've identified we have some very large holes in the sales pipeline, and lack many points of contact. We are working on improving this, however, as a community meeting is one of the few, and largest touch points, that comparing sales made to July will be able to allow us if it is an effective touch point, with the aim for the time investment to increase and be more accurately measured alongside other touch points. Thoughts?

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Fiona Aaron 10 months ago

Hi Patrick, just wondering if there are results to this experiment that can be posted? Thanks

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