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[Work Update]: Fuel Fiji - Monthly Goals - December 2018

This month the fuel sustainability team in Fiji will be focusing on 4 main goals, testing and implementing a supply chain, prototyping and testing of the Buka Stove 5.0, continuing with the sales of Buka 4.0 and 5.0 and doing a detailed customer analysis to form customer archetypes for Fuel space in Fiji

  1. Implementing a viable supply chain capable of producing and distributing 100 stoves a month

Procurement and Manufacturing

Whilst the current use of refrigerant tanks to design the stove has been fantastic for prototyping purposes, they limit the scale at which the stoves can be produced and aren’t feasible in the long term and even though we will be continuing with the sales of Buka 4.0 the aim is to gradually decrease the reliance on refrigerant tanks and move to materials that are more sustainable. The team in July were able to design Buka 5.0 with steel sheets that have the ability to mass produce the stoves however the costs of manufacturing and procurement of raw materials need to be reduced significantly.  This potentially means trialling different materials and different designs, and finding the cheapest price for the materials, be it in Fiji or around the world.


Distribution Channels and Sales

Additionally, utilising PEV teams and vehicles to distribute the stoves around the island is currently an unnecessary drain on resources. Whilst we love to do go out and visit the villages, this is increasingly infeasible as the business grows. We aim to partner with one or more distribution channels to increase our reach around Fiji. The aim is to establish 5 different distribution channels that target the customer archetypes identified in Goal 3


  1. Validating Buka Stove 5.0 from 20 customers and implementing any feedback

July’s team was successful in designing Buka Stove 5.0 which decreases the reliance on refrigerant tanks and addresses the design constraints of Buka 4.0 whilst enabling scalability. However, this stove has not yet been validated by customers. December will be focusing on utility testing and currency testing the Buka Stove 5.0 and validating the assumptions that were undertaken when designing the Buka Stove 5.0. This will be done in conjunction with goal 4


Several design iterations need to be made to Buka Stove 5.0. Ryan White did his honours project on ‘Effect of Combustion Performance on Rocket Cookstove Emissions’ with the University of Adelaide and Dr C. Birzer and provided us with several design improvements to improve the efficiency of the stove. Feedback from customers and the suggested design improvements will be used to iterate and improve the Buka Stove 5.0.


  1. Make 20 sales of Buka Stove 4.0 and 5 sales of Buka Stove 5.0


While we refine the design of the new Buka Stove, the sales momentum is key especially because we haven't made a sale since July 18. Which leads to the third monthly goal for the month to sell 20 Buka Stove 4.0 and 5 Buka Stove 5.0.


  1. Develop 8 customer archetypes and empathise with 10 people from each archetype


In order to target a range of Fijian customers, we need to understand the different needs, wants, pain points and value proposition of different customer segments. By having different customer segments we can establish various distribution channels that will target these customer archetypes. Also to determine how each customer segment would best receive marketing material and safety information about the stove and how would they best access the stove and how would they best pay for the stove.

Haziq Ahmed 8 months ago

Would love to hear your thoughts on these

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Alexander Teicher 8 months ago

Sounds good Hazi! Just curious about how you plan to validate the 5.0 with customers and what that looks like, what data will be measured etc

I really like the idea of the archetypes as finding new customer segments could open up new channels for distribution also.

Scale of manufacturing is something we struggled with a lot, I would suggest looking into either bulk (100 or more) stoves in Fiji or looking to import from China/India.

Overall sounds really good and keen to see updates on these goals!

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Haziq Ahmed 8 months ago

Hey Teich,

We've adopted several experiments that were proposed by July, for week 1 we've been doing Utility and Currency testing of 5.0 in Sigatoka Market. We've primarily been testing how existing customers compare 4.0 to 5.0 and whether they would be willing to pay more for 5.0, we also aim to demonstrate both 4.0 and 5.0 in the market next week and gauge which stove the customers think is easy to use.

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Alexander Teicher 8 months ago

Awesome, ill look out for those experiment results. I'm interested to see how reactions differ between 4 and 5 as my impression was that 4 was preferred as it is sturdier and thicker steel. Would be interesting to do comparison tests and then individual to see if the 5.0 without being compared to the 4.0 and see what the difference is and if being compared to the 4.0 impacts the opinions on the 5.0.

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Cris Birzer 8 months ago

It seems like a plan. With Ryan's input, let me know how we can help from Adelaide.

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Alex Staples 8 months ago

Status label added: Work Update

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