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[Experiment Adopted]: Agricultural Financing in Fiji December 2018 (1/2)

Lean Phase: Problem/Customer Segment

Assumption: Fijian Farmers are having trouble managing cash flow year-long. This could be to do with issues such as seasonal harvesting, or volatile and changing weather conditions which prevent them from having a stable income year-round.

Time Box: 2 weeks.

Success Metric:

This experiment is measuring the percentage of Farmers in Fiji that identify with the above problem.

This will be tested with 30+ Farmers.

Green Light- Proceed to synthesising the customer segment, and move to offer test the problem.

Success point - Success if 65% of Farmers identify with the above problem.

Orange Light - Iterate on survey build, iterate on surveying approach.

Failure Point - Failure if less than 35% of Farmers identify with the above problem.

Red Light- Failure protocol is to iterate on the hypothesis of Farmers issues with acquiring finance, and make a more solid assumption as such.

Experiment build:

  1. Build survey to address the above hypothesis. It should include questions outlining;

    1. Questions about the customer segment of Farmers (to define the segment).

    2. Questions about their issues with volatile incomes, as per the assumption.

  2. Contact Farmers from the FarmEd database, or contact village heads to organise meetings for surveying.

  3. Conduct surveys with over 30 Farmers.

  4. Collate data and determine if success and failure.

NB: For more information about Agricultural financing, see Will’s doc here

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