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Julia Marks
Julia Marks | Nov 19, 2018 | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste

Assumption: That the potential customer is able to use either MPESA or Mobile Banking effectively as a payment method for the use of FarmEd’s App and service

1. The level of phone penetration is sufficiently high

2. There is reliable network coverage in communities to enable mobile money transfers

3. There is close proximity to a mobile money dealer to be able to convert cash into mobile money for transfer

Time Period: 2 weeks

Success Metrics: % of people who:

1. Have a phone, or has a phone in the household, and

2. Have reliable network access, and

3. Are in close proximity to a mobile money dealer (1 hour radius)



Green Light: Proceed with experience and usage experiment.


Success Point: 50% of people meet all 3 criteria


Orange Light: Investigate reasons as to why more people aren’t using MPESA or Mobile Banking - whether it isn’t possible for all people or just isn’t popular. See if there is any alternatives. Develop methods for showing farmers how to use MPESA / Mobile Banking.


Failure Point: 10% of sales through MPESA or Mobile Money


Red Light: Assess feasibility of MPESA or Mobile Money in Timor as whole. Re-evaluate method of payment and scalability.


Experiment Build


  1. Research mobile money systems within Timor and establish pros and cons for each

  2. Create survey based on the above criteria

  3. Complete surveys with a wide demographic



  • Interact with 100 people

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William Lee Nov 21, 2018

Hey Julia,

I wrote up something similar for SoCon with regards to Mobile Money adoption. I've broken it down to two experiments: 1) Access, and 2) Knowledge and Usage. Hope this helps.

[Part 1]:
[Part 2]:

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Julia Marks Nov 22, 2018

That is amazing big thanks!

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Lucy Preiss Dec 4, 2018

Status label added: Experiment adopted

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