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[EXPERIMENT ADOPTED]: SALES - FarmEd Timor December 2018 (updated 11/12/18)

Julia Marks
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Julia Marks | 11 months ago | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste

Lean Phase:

MVP Prototyping. With the Beta platform of the MVP in hand the goal will be gathering information regarding the App to assess its reception and provide direction for updates



1. The Users have a method of cashless payment (MPESA).

NB: not the test assumption (handled in another experiment) as initial sales can still be made via cash or MOA.

2. User experience is sufficiently positive as to result in successful purchase.


Time Box:

3 weeks


Success Metric:

Number of sales will be the success metric. Successful sales will support the assumption that the user experience and the product itself is sufficient for the user to justify payment.

Although undesirable, MOAs will be accepted for those wishing to only pay once they have the app in their hand. Apart from this cash can be accepted so long as a plan for cashless payment is put in place)


Green Light- Proceed (User experience surveys, data collection and scaling)

Success point: If 50% of farmers approached accept payment and sign onto the platform this proves the product is desired by farmers and is delivering in a way they feel they can benefit from.


Orange Light- Optimise (The App may not be providing enough of the key desires of the farmers or may not be easy enough to use. During the sales surveys information will be gathered on this and used to guide the update for the delivery of the app in January. With improved navigation and increased value sales will be reattempted when the app is available for sale.)


Failure Point: If below 20% of the farmers approached are converted into a sale.


Red Light- Failure Protocol

Assess data gathered and provide to Athula in his team with insights gathered. Potential causes for failure at this stage are:

  1. App is not actually available (Situation changes in January, worst case, try again with app)

  2. Not user friendly enough (Decembers purpose is to find this info and provide it for the launch of the app in January)

  3. Does not provide enough value (The update will ensure the most desired aspects are included, the app is planned to be delivered at a very low cost relative to standard farm costs so cost should not be an issue)

  4. Payment method uncertain (For December only, although undesirable, MOAs will be accepted for those wishing to only pay once they have the app in their hand. Apart from this cash can be accepted so long as a plan for cashless payment is put in place)


Experiment build:

Conducted through face to face encounters with farmers within the Hera, Dili and Liquica regions.


Pre-departure requirements

  • Assess prior documents to assess previous contact with the potential new customer so an understanding of the present relationship and previous interactions is gained

  • Survey for key information to gather is on hand

  • App on phone,  ready to present it to potential customer

  • Preparation from sales pitch workshop including key desires found in surveys of farmers

  • Village chief contacted and meeting set up or farmer contacted and made aware of meeting (if possible/feasible)

  • Sales pitch practise as team

NB: Initial contacts will be with the 5 customers who bought sensors from us in July



  • Trekker 1 App in hand approach farmer for discussion. Ask if they are interested in seeing the app and if they would be willing to provide their thoughts on the app

  • Trekker 2 filling in the survey

  • Trekker 3 doing sick tricks for farmers entertainment if present

  • Provide presentation of the app while asking the farmer their thoughts (questions guided by survey, presentation guided by sales workshop)

  • Close with a sale. MOA for December may be acceptable but does not really help our data gathering. It does have the effect of speeding January sales efforts however.

  • If sale is made, offer free soil testing with sensor to kickstart app usage. Only to be done if money provided.
  • Collate data from survey to send through to Athula and his team



  • 120 Sales pitches

  • 40 pre-sales

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Lucy Preiss 11 months ago

Hi FarmEd, this looks good. I know you haven't been getting payments from farmers, instead getting agreements signed for presales. Can you please update to reflect this. Would love to see your sales script uploaded as well.

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