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[Adopted Experiment]: Energy Malawi Dec 2018 - UVP - Customer Engagement and Feedback


Energy Malawi – Unique Value Proposition – Community Engagement and Feedback


Lean Phase: Unique Value Proposition (revision)

Assumption: That our solar product is addressing the wants, needs and affordability indices of the target customer segment. Enabling light, charging of phones and the repayment rates/systems (if on finance) are manageable.

Time Period: 2 weeks – this will need to be run with PEV operations on the ground.

Success Metric:

Success will be measured through the number of customers that we are able to track down and gain feedback from and whether the feedback is positive with respect to the assumed value proposition our product offers.


Green Light - Proceed to expand and scale the existing model

Success point – 90% of community members engaged and NPS higher than 50 OR satisfaction of product averages 8.5/10

Orange Light - Proceed to assess shortfalls of product features, reliability and cost and whether it is easily rectified or simply requires a better “warranty system”.

Orange light point – Of the community members engaged, NPS 0 to 50 OR satisfaction of the product is 7-8.5/10

Failure Point: Minimal community members are interested in discussing the product with PEV and NPS is less than 0 OR overall rating of the product, payment process etc is less than 7/10.

Red Light – Review product offering and system for payment, based off feedback work out how any gaps in our offering can be filled and whether a custom product and payment system are required.

Experiment build:

Details of the experiment build should be created by the Team Leader and team conducting the experiment to ensure relevance and comprehension of executors.

Basic process should involve creating a survey monkey or excel spreadsheet with questions and method of storing, analysing and drawing insights from data. NAYO field guides should then be utilised as well as the documentation from July to chase customers (location tags should exist for each). Outstanding payments should also be addressed throughout this process.

Experiment Results:


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