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[Adopted Experiment]: Energy Malawi Dec 2018 - Channel Test


Energy Malawi - Channel Test


Lean Phase: Channel testing

Assumption: That it will be more cost effective and equally efficient to implement an automated ordering system for our solar products. 

Time Period: 2 weeks - potential to run throughout all years and seasons, however.

Success Metric:

Success will be measured through the number of customers that engage with the proposed ordering system.


Green Light - Proceed to Currency Testing through this channel

Success point – Automated system(s) generate 50% of engagement as compared to F2F interactions

Orange Light - Proceed to repeat test with basic tweaks in system to enable greater engagement (based of any feedback or insights)

Orange light point - Automated system(s) generate 25% of engagement as compared to F2F interactions

Failure Point: Automated system generates <25% engagement/sales as that of the F2F interactions.

Red Light - Test alternative automation systems or “semi-automatic” using a local to facilitate engagement with system without PEV personnel involvement.

Experiment build:

  1. Create a basic USSD interface that will be able to take orders
    1. Interface is yet to be fully defined, will take an order to be picked up at a “service” point
    2. Interface should get name, number, village, confirmation of price point, confirmation of pick up point
  2. Distribute USSD code to community elders and advertise throughout villages
  3. Measure order amount and compare to an average day of “sales” in July period

Using the USSD system, the number of orders or interest is to be collated and compared to the work (and cost) of having a PEV team out field doing this engagement.

An alternative way of automating this system would be to use a basic Shoppify checkout – this would require users to have a smart phone with internet browser and may focus on a different customer segment, which is an alternative experiment.

Experiment Results:

Andrew Vild 10 months ago

Status label added: Experiment adopted

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