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[Proposed Experiment]: Fuel Fiji - December Goal 5 - Build 8 Different Customer Archetypes and Goal 6: Empathise with 25 Persons from Each Identified Archetype - December 2018

Lean Phase: Empathy and Customer Segment 

Assumption: That a range of Fijian residents want to buy our Buka Stoves, and that their needs, wants and pain points, and ultimately the value proposition of the Buka Stove to them, will be different amongst each segment.

Time Box: 3 weeks

Success Metric:

Metric – 200 surveys completed with at least 8 distinct archetypes able to be identified

Green Light – 8 clear archetypes emerging with customer segments able to be separated based on demographics (location, age, income, gender etc) identified similar needs, wants and pain points. The next step from here would be to determine how each customer segment would best receive marketing material and safety information about the stove, which channel they would best access the stove through and how they would best pay for the stove.

Orange Light – If 8 clear customer archetypes to not emerge, then the next step would be to change surveys to uncover different information or to widen the reach of surveying to potentially discover new customer segments.

Experiment Build:

1. Create a survey including information about demographics (age, gender, location, income, family size, ethnicity), stove use (How many people do you cook for? How often do you use the stove? Is the stove your primary method of cooking?), information on how they acquired the stove (Where did you buy the stove? How much did you pay?) and approval to continue to contact them for follow up surveys,

2. Provide a link ( to the survey with all stoves bought in store and personally complete the survey with all face to face customers,

3. Analyse trends emerging in the data,

4. Build customer archetypes,

5. Repeat the survey in February and July to attain information on how long people continue to use their stove, and whether their habits change during that period.

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