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[Proposed Experiment]: Fiji December Goal 2 - Establish 5 Distribution Channels - December 2018

Lean Phase: Supply Chain and Key Activities 


1. That there are multiple customer segments that we can target effectively in different ways, increasing the reach of our product,

2. That is is possible to independently supply stove to stores and manage the ordering, invoicing and payment systems remotely.

Time Box:  2 weeks for Kasabias and Vinod Patel, additional 2 weeks for final three channels, additional 2 weeks for setting up autonomous ordering and delivery systems 

Success Metric:

Metric – 1. All stoves provided sold

              2. All payments received.

Green Light – Selling 80% of stoves and collecting 100% of payments is considered to be a successful validation.

Orange Light – If this does not occur, variations of experiment one are increasing marketing material, providing more information on the stoves and lowering the price point. Variations of experiment two are liaising with the distribution channel to determine different payment and invoicing systems.

Red Light – If less than than 40% of stoves are sold in a particular store or less than 95% of payments received then the next step is to remove the stoves from that distribution channel and move on to another.

Experiment Build:

1. Reconnect with Kasabias and Vinod Patel, seek out and establish relationships with new distribution channels

2. Stoves to be manufactured through either our current (as of July) supply chain or an autonomous supply chain, as long as consistent quality can be ensured,

3. Invoicing and payment systems to be agreed upon by PEV and the distribution channel,

4. Stoves to be sold to various channels,

5. Stoves to be provided to various channels,

6. Basic information about customer segments (name, gender, location and price point) will be recorded by the store, whilst detailed information about customer segments to be recorded through a google form link provided in the user manual (,

7. Invoices to be distributed and payments to be collected.

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