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[Experiment Adopted]: Fuel Fiji - RB Patel Sales - July 2018

Lean Phase: Customer Segments 

Assumption: That there is a customer segment that matches that of RB Patel, who are willing to buy our stoves in store and pay a higher price for the convenience. 

Time Box:  July – December (Ideally)

Success Metric:

Metric – 15  stoves sold in store. 

Green Light – Due to the extended time frame of the experiment, selling 100% of stoves is considered to be a successful validation. The next steps would then be setting up an autonomous ordering and delivery system with RB Patel and repeating this test for Kasabias.

Orange Light – If not all stoves are sold, variations of the experiment are increasing marketing material, providing more information on the stoves and lowering the price point.

Red Light – If less than than 40% of stoves are sold in a particular store then the next step is to remove the stoves from that store (whether it be all of RB Patel or the on particular branch) and move on to repeating this test for Kasabias.

Experiment Build:

1. 15 stoves to be manufactured through our current supply chain, with PEV interns to complete the painting and branding of the stoves and the printing of user manuals, to ensure consistent quality,

2. 15 stoves to be sold as a one off to RB Patel,

3. RB Patel to pick stoves up from Sigatoka location and move 5 stoves each to their Sigatoka, Labassa and Namosi locations,

4. RB Patel to put stoves on shelves at a starting price of $79.95, reducing them by $5.00 and then $10.00 dependent on sales as they see fit,

5. Basic information about customer segments (name, gender, location and price point) will be recorded by RB Patel, whilst detailed information about customer segments to be recorded through a google form link provided in the user manual (


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