Experiment Results

[Experimental Results]: Fuel Cambodia - Offer Testing with 25 customers - July 2018

Reassert Lean Phase: Value Proposition

Reassert Assumption:

Our assumption was that if we were able to offer our value proposition relative to traditional wood charcoal, would they choose our product.

Value Proposition: Our briquettes are cheaper than wood charcoal, burn more efficiently, are easy to use and more sustainable.


Hit Green Target

Our monthly target of 25 households was reached.  All villagers said that they would buy the product if it was cheap and equal to or better quality than wood charcoal as per our value proposition. This result was very clear. The results are attached.

This was only a preliminary target in order to validate whether it is worth spending more time developing this prototype. This requires more testing to ensure that our value proposition is achievable as far as customer segment, cost structure and revenue streams. 

Next Move:  

Our next goals to completed regarding testing our value proposition will be to continue to test as below:

  • Conduct offer testing with 75 customers to prove product viability of prototype (Customer Segment)
  • Conduct currency testing with 50 customers to prove product viability of prototype (Cost Structure, Revenue Streams)

Although in order to complete these goals it is essential that we first complete these goals:

  • Iterate on the prototype to implement current customer feedback and ensure possibility for scale in relation to manufacturing (Solution)
  • Research and draft supply chain for effective delivery of briquettes (Key Resources, Key Activities, Key Partners)
  • Build 8 different customer archetypes (Customer Segment, Problems)

These goals are outlined in EXPERIMENT posts for the December team.


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