Proposed Experiment

[Proposed Experiment]: Fuel Cambodia - Build 8 different customer archetypes - July 2018

Lean Phase: Customer Segment, Problems

This experiment focuses on building 8 different customer archetypes to better understand our customer segments and ensure that our solution fits the problems of our target market.


There are trends in archetypes dependant on location and socio-economic demographic

These different people will have different pains and gains that will impact their interaction with our products.

Time Box:

This should be achieved in weeks 1-3 of the December Project in Cambodia.

Success Metric:

Success will be determined by

  • Surveying 100 people to identify pains and gains
  • Identify trends that enable 8 distinct archetypes to be developed

Green Light: If trends are identified based on location, demographic, income etc, this should be considered a success in developing the customer archetype. While this is difficult to quantify, the aim would be 60% of people who identify the same or similar pain point.

Orange Light: This is entirely dependant on the surveys created. Surveys should be targeting the emotional responses and motivations and should constantly be iterated upon. Strong empathy skills are required to achieve this goal.

Experiment build:

The experiment will be to ask questions and observation for the purpose of gathering data regarding different archetypes. Methods that were used were empathising data gathered and preparation questions, describing what we are trying to find out and assumptions we are looking to test. The offer testing questions and empathising data collected are attached.

Questions that should still be asked will be used to clarify and confirm who is part of our customer segments and respective problems.

Data that will need to be gathered would include:

  • Who are the customers relative to the consumers? (ie the chief is the customer, mothers who cook in the village are the consumers or the head of the family (usually the man)?).
  • If villagers who consider charcoal affordable are grouped as our primary customer segment or early adopters.
  • If charcoal users would be keenly interested in switching from wood-charcoal to biowaste briquettes.
  • If New Lao Stove users would use our briquettes over wood-charcoal briquettes based on our value propositions namely how well tailored (usability) the briquettes are to the NLS.
  • Find out if the briquettes are what rural households are interested in and if we can beat their current use of wood charcoal.
  • Finding out if shop owners are interested in selling our briquettes and if it substitute charcoal.


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