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Solving food wastage for lunch

Nikita Ramachandran
Nikita Ramachandran | Jul 26, 2018 | in Ideas Box

We have discovered the cheapest, and most cost effective lunch in Blantyre. 

We are always left with leftovers after dinner, and although we are in a country where hunger is a pervasive condition, we generally throw them out. This is a huge waste of resources. 

The issue is that no one wants to eat beans an rice for dinner, and then have it cold for lunch as well. However, there is a way around this. 

We sometimes have the magical dinner combo: rice, beans, peas and carrots. This is arguably the most incredible meal in Malawi, but even so it is not an attractive prospect to eat it cold. 

Our proposed solution is to not waste this food and still not eat sad lunches. By being creative, one can make a delicious meal. By using the ingredients rice, carrots, beans and peas, butter, cooking oil, brown sugar, chilli sauce and salt, one can make an incredible paella/fried-rice. 

The beauty is that this can be done even if there is no power, on the gas cooker. 

All you need to do is to get a frying pan to heat and add unhealthy amounts of butter. Then add the desired amounts of each ingredient (a pinch of brown sugar and a lot of salt is recommended) and stir it all up. 

While waiting for the lunch to cook, one can still be productive by cleaning up the kitchen or sweeping the floor. then you can eat your lunch in the comfort of your own office. from start to finish, this could take 30 minutes, compared to 90 minutes for art cafe. 

We can simultaneously solve all of the problems we have to do with lunch with a beautifully innovative solution. 

So everyone, enjoy your last lunch tomorrow knowing how much money and food you have all wasted :P

The only issue is scalability, because we only have three elements and two frying pans. With one flying pan being able to serve two people, we would definitely need to find a solution if we did want to pursue this avenue and increase scale. 

Kurt Michl Jul 27, 2018

I really rate this lunch! I'm not even Joking , it is such a great way to use good edible food. I also feel bad when we throw a heap of food out.
I think a possible way to scale this would be to invest in a Wok style pan, which may be able to have enough space for 4-5 lunches.

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