Proposed Experiment

[Proposed Eperiment]: Fuel Timor - Empathy Middle Income Farmers Hera - July 2018

Phase: Customer Segment & Problem
An empathy map of proposed beneficiaries within Hera, Dili has already been established. This was created by conducting interviews with local community members. This archetype map can further be expanded through further empathising with the customer archetype of middle income farmers in the Hera region.  

Assumptions for validation:
The assumptions for the experiment is as follows:

·      The Smokey flavour that firewood provides is enjoyable

·      Collecting firewood is a pain point

·      Reliable access to electricity is not available

·      Coughing and headaches are common when cooking on open fires.

Time Frame: 
The experiment that is being proposed should be undertaken in the first three weeks of December Fuel Project in Timor-Leste.

Success Metrics:
The key metrics are as follows;

·      The percentage of people in Hera that identify that they dislike walking to obtain their firewood.

·      The percentage of people in Hera that mention they enjoy the Smokey flavour the firewood.

·      The percentage of people in Hera that use firewood over other types of fuel sources.

·      The percentage of people in Hera who say that they suffer from adverse health effects after or during cooking.

 Green light: If 70% of users identify with the key metrics then it will mean that there is sufficient evidence to move into the next phase being offer testing, because we will be able to capture a sizeable portion of the potential market. This has been highlighted in another crowdicity post linked at the bottom of this article.

 Orange light: If 50-70% of users identify with the key metrics then there is a need for iterations to be made to the product in order to realign with those key metrics which were most prominent. This is because we recognise after 70 more empathising sessions the team will gain greater insight into pain points, which will help them to iterate and re-align.

Red light: If below 50% of the users identified with the key metrics then we would have to expand our customer segment, move into a new customer segments, or refocus the metrics to align with more recently prominent pain points. The figure 50% was selected to take into consideration that our initial customer segment of middle income earners in Hera is a small sample size.   

Experiment Build: 
The experiment will consist of members from the fuel team spending time talking to households in Hera, with the help of interns from the national university of Timor-Leste.

In groups of two or three, empathising sessions take place walking from door to door in Hera communities. Locations of households already spoken  to are listed in the Household Identification Database, which also highlight those most interested in further interaction with the fuel team.

Before beginning interviews, the interns should be briefed on the aims of the team and the way they intend to go about the empathy sessions, allowing for their valuable input. We have found it is vital the team focuses on using emotive questions and allowing room for movement in interview questions to accommodate for new information coming to light which may in turn provoke further questions.  Paying attention to the environment, tone of voice and physical expressions of interviewees is also important in overcoming the language barrier and understanding emotions.

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Wade Tink 10 months ago

To assist in this experiment it would be great if you outlined the interview plan you used for your empathy engagement over this period of experimentation. Uploading it as an attachment would be great.
Also consider the nature of quantitative data versus qualitative. If you are going to collect quantitative data given the volume of surveys then ensure you use correct methods to do so. Refer to the post by Will Lee in Knowledge box.

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Wade Tink 10 months ago

Status label added: Proposed Experiment

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Michael Sutton 10 months ago

This is good content we do a similar thing here in Malawi where we use a door to door approach to inform our users on our MVP. However, it would be wise to incorporate an observation checklist, where after each question the user is observed and their reaction noted. This is valuable as it suggested to us what questions were useful and what may need rephrasing. just a thought, but I imagine this would be useful.

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Wade Tink 10 months ago

Do you have an example of how you used that and a format for recording that interaction. How did you measure it?

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