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[JULY 18][REPURPOSE] THREE Prototypes, TWO Weeks, ONE Dream

Crowdicity Report of Week 2 Prototype

Week two has been a HUGE week for ERS with sales meetings every day, a collection run on Monday and Thursday, and adding two new customers for trial runs starting next week. Even more exciting though, are the three prototypes we’ve been developing. 

Like our previous post said, 11,200 glass bottles and a mountain of 28,160 plastic bottles have found their way to our storage facility instead of ending up in beaches, streets and landfills. This is an amazing achievement in itself, but there is still the lingering question…

What do we do with the plastic now?

The answer is repurposing and prototyping! 

Our team has reinvigorated the e-cooler by packing the bottles together in a more dense composition, using smaller bottles in order to repurpose a wider range of bottles that are often neglected in prototyping, and using bottle lids to further secure the bottles to the wooden structure. Progress is slow, but it is progress!

Another prototype is shaving plastic bottles into thin strips, and weaving them into bags. The end goal is to be able to weave in cloth with the plastic strips and possibly market them in Tais Markets!

Last but definitely not least, is a green thatched roof! A true team effort, this prototype has taken all week, and the foot of every member of ERS to complete (crushing the bottles was a very therapeutic experience after a days work). The end goal is to produce a roof with a thatching that collects debris and microorganisms, which eventually strengthens the roof’s structure, improves ventilation and waterproofing. We are on task to finish this prototype today! 

We’re halfway done but this train isn’t slowing down, there are more prototypes to make, more customers to gain, and more work to be done! 

Timor-Leste ERS July team

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Jimmy Bayssari Jul 24, 2018

It would be great to really see a post for each different prototype and exactly what the repurposed plastic is being used to create. An outline of each prototype, how would it be used, how did you come up with the prototype idea, data to support, product for what customer segment etc. Details here would be key, particularly for each incoming team, and allows to really get down to the crux of why you are prototyping!

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Jimmy Bayssari Jul 24, 2018

Status label added: Work Update

Can tag this as an 'Experiment Adopted' if we have these tracked as I posted, and if results are posted regularly!

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