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[Work Update]: FarmEd Fiji - Offer Testing update - July 2018

Deeksha Balaji
Deeksha Balaji | Jul 13, 2018 | in FarmEd - Fiji


This week, the FarmEd II team has been busy developing and conducting Offer tests for the farmers of 6 villages in the Sigatoka Valley region. In simple terms, an offer test is a test to identify what offer meets our customer segment’s needs. One of the major goals this week for FarmEd II was to create a successful offer test. Essentially, our aim was to identify the “WHY?” our customer segment would buy this service. In order to have a successful offer test, we needed three elements to be identified, namely:

  • deficiencies with the current solution;
  • problem centric message; and
  • the call to action (i.e. the name, contact details, etc.)

What We've Done

To identify the deficiencies in the current solution and value proposition, the FarmEd II team found it effective to create a lean canvas model for each of our customer segments which were: Subsistent farmers; Smallholder farmers; and Commercial farmers. To identify the problem centric message, we proceeded to develop a variation of the lean canvas model and only focus on the specific emotional goals that arose as a result of specific struggles within each of the overarching customer segments.  

After much contemplation and several cups of tea, coffee and berrocca, the FarmEd II team created around 10 specific customer profiles. Prepping ourselves with all this information before our village meetings meant that we were able to effectively pitch our AI Farm Management Software service to the farmers in the villages by matching their profiles to the customer segment templates the team had created beforehand. As a result, the FarmEd II team managed to get a total of 15 offer tests successfully signed after speaking to 17 farmers!

An obstacle the team faced was during the village meetings when we tried to identify the specific pain points of the villagers we were speaking to while we were trying to pitch our offer tests. However, one way we tried to overcome this issue was by following our empathy script and refining our conversation with each farmer in order to tailor our offer test to the particular individual we were speaking to.

However, the real challenge will be next week when the FarmEd II team tries to achieve our goal of 40 currency tests of a service that is not yet market ready. 

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Patrick Edwards Jul 16, 2018

Hi Deeksha,

I love how thorough you have been with designing these tests, great work! Just wondering if you have created offer tests for each customer segment, customer profile, or for each individual? Just noting here that limiting the number of variables changing in each offer test and increasing the number of each type tested, will assist in analyzing why it was or wasn't successful.

Also, we have initially found similar success with the number of farms providing their details in interest. This could be due to a number of reasons, from the language barrier to simply being polite, and thus have brainstormed other ways to open that false door. From this, we have begun handing out cards in the local language, stating to text a simple "Yes" or to engage with the Facebook page if they are interested. We believe may be a more accurate method of assessing genuine interest, and if it meets those customer segments needs.

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Deeksha Balaji Jul 18, 2018

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for you comment! So, we created offer tests for each customer profile within each segment so that we could get a better success rate with our offer tests.

I completely agree with your comment about the fact that engaging with a Facebook page would be a better method of assessing genuine interest. Our team has tried to incorporate this element into our currency test.

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Wade Tink Jul 23, 2018

Great in identification on customer segments- can you post on that in depth?
What does the lean canvas for each of these customer segments look like? Given that you are seeking out the value proposition does this place you closer to having it?

What was exactly the offer testing conducted? If you can provide details in how this experiment was designed and the results of it that would be great in validating the learning through your lean canvas.

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Wade Tink Jul 23, 2018

Status label added: Work Update

If there was required detail and results in validated learning this would come under experiment. This can be edited by the author.

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