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[JULY 18] [COLLECTION] State of Waste Collection ERS Timor-Leste July 2018

The current ERS team in Timor-Leste has exciting statistics to share.

Yes, statistics can be more than exciting!

As you may have read or heard, ERS is up and running. Since February 2018 the business is operating autonomously by our Timor-team and with remote control from the Australian HQ. Hence, we were very excited to witness the progress of our collections. We drove past our warehouse yesterday and counted the bottles that have been collected since February. Approximately 28,160 plastic bottles and 11,200 glass bottles found their way into our warehouse instead of beaches, streets, landfills and Tibar (a plastic burning facility). What a success! A large part of the plastic bottles will be probably donated to ENVAC (Environmental Activities) whose vision is to make art out of plastic bottles. However, we are working hard on trying to find an alternative solution for repurposing the waste for the upcoming months. Let us know if you came across any interesting items that were made from glass or plastic bottles, so we can give it a try!


27 cement bags

28,160 bottles


14 cement bags

11,200 bottles

Aluminium Cans

87 kg



On top of that, the 87 kg of collected aluminium cans have been sold for 0.85c/kg to be made into Air-conditioning units in Singapore.

It shows that we are slowly but steadily making a difference for Dili’s environment, people and for future generations.

Timor-Leste ERS July team

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Rebecca Pink Jul 10, 2018

MASSIVE win that ENVAC is willing to PAY for your collected plastic. This has been an ongoing issue for ERS in ensuring a sustainable business model.

You can now use these stats and on-sell of plastic to continue gaining customers of the current collection service, but also when rolling out bag pay.

Well done guys.

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Sam Swain Jul 10, 2018

Solid work team!
Good to see that there's a facility to store them as well!
I'm wondering whether, now that there is a stored facility for glass particularly, whether, exporting back to Indonesia for reprocessing by OI (big glass manufacturer) might be possible, particularly with the volumes likely to have... I know we did (in December 2017) initially discuss the idea and OI were happy to potentially pay, provided the glass was sorted into the three colours.
Also, I'm sure whether you have been in touch with 'movimento tasi mos' (check out their Facebook page) they have been doing cleanups I have seen, not only beaches but also Cristo Rei.
Keep up the great work!

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Rebecca Pink Jul 11, 2018

Thanks for the comment Sam!
Will hit up OI again for sure. I had forgotten about those guys.

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Andrew Vild Aug 14, 2018

Status label added: Work Update

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