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[Work Update]: Fuel Fiji - Fuel I Monthly and Weekly Goals - July 2018

After an exciting first week of collaboration between the two fuel teams and consistent hard work, our team in Fiji is off to a promising start and super excited for the weeks ahead!


For the duration of this month, Fuel Team I will be focused on developing a fully functional supply chain and distribution channel, as well as undergoing a competitor analysis on both the domestic and international rocket stove market.


Developing a functional supply chain and distribution channel will push Fiji’s fuel project towards becoming a self-sustaining business. Our overarching goal for this month is to produce and sell 25 stoves in order to test and validate the effectiveness of our supply chain.


Our goals include:

Supply Chain:

  1. Find 5 suppliers for each input material (both locally and internationally).

  2. Get quotes from 5 different labourers.

  3. Research domestic and international ethical regulations to ensure PE are engaging with both affordable and ethical vendors.

  4. Establishing a formal set of quality control standards and procedures.

  5. Investigating 8 different packaging methods that are environmentally friendly and affordable.

  6. Find a location for stove storage that is scalable and affordable.

  7. Determine employment requirements for the self-sustaining business and find potential employment.


Distribution Channel:

  1. Have meetings with 10 shops to determine most price competitive retailer.

  2. Establish 15 potential courier options between villages.

  3. Develop distribution channels between villages according to Fuel II’s goals.

  4. Conduct a cost/benefit analysis to determine the most cost-effective and desirable distribution method: retailer or home-delivery from warehouse.


By conducting a competitor analysis on the domestic Fijian rocket stove market, PE will be able to gain greater insight into the current competitive environment, where we are positioned, and foresee the future risks and implications of conducting business. An analysis of successful international competitors will help improve our understanding of best industry practices when implementing our own supply chain and distribution channel.


Our goals include:

Competitor Analysis:

  1. Research the philosophies, unfair advantages, key brand differentiators, business models, strengths, weaknesses, and offerings of the 1 domestic, and 10 key international competitors.

  2. Conduct a strategic analysis, comparing rocket stoves on the market (including PE’s).

  3. Contact competitors to gain a further understanding of their business models and potential collaboration opportunities.

  4. Determine PE’s market share within the Fijian rocket stove market.

  5. Determine potential future risks and implications based on findings.

  6. Determine PE’s competitive position in the Fiji market and it's unfair advantage.

  7. Create a pitch deck based on monthly findings.

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Lucy Preiss Jul 9, 2018

Here are our quantified monthly goals! Would love to know your thoughts.

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Justin Hakeem Aug 16, 2018

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