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[Idea/Concept Not Complete]: Solar Consulting Malawi - Proposed Experiment: Interns to drive sales - July 2018

The Malawi energy team is looking at using different agents for selling our solar product, specifically using field guides and interns. The team has been using field guides so far as translators and cultural ambassadors when attending community meetings and for the door to door sales. In February, the team worked with some students from Polytechnic University in Blantyre. The plan is to contact these students, vet and work with them in July to ascertain their compatibility with the locals in Nancholi by gauging their reactions and recording number of sales made. 

The vetting process exists to confirm the legitimacy of the interns so they are capable of upholding the values of Project Everest Ventures. Before allowing them to work with us the team is prepared to provide a basic training course from our end on how to approach the villagers and what specific details they need to know about the product as well as the payment plants. PEV is prepared to give MWK 1500 for travel and lunch costs as well as a PEV certificate at the end of their work with us which can be used for their studies and careers. 

To determine the compatibility of using interns in a sales capacity and validate them as a sales channel 


·        How the villagers react to interns

·        How the interns interact with villagers

·        How many sales made 

Method (Interview) 

  1. Outline to the interns the conditions of them working with Project Everest and explain the objectives of the product and current processes. 

  1. Ask the interns about where they live, what they study, their availability and if they are interested in working with Project Everest again. 

  1. Collate all the information into a spreadsheet and choose suitable interns 

Method (Training) 

  1. Send the chosen interns the sales pitch the June team have developed and talk them through the key points 

  1. Provide a crash course in the 7 steps of sales as outlined by Wade Tink 

  1. Tell them which villages we are targeting within Nancholi and provide access to the Nancholi Data sheet where each door to door interaction is recorded so they can gain context on the villagers 

Method (Field) 

  1. Take the chosen interns out to Nancholi in a door to door sales capacity.

  1. Observe how they interact with locals and locals react to them. 

  1. Note how many sales they help make and compare to the figures of the field guides. 

Once all the information is collected we can make an informed decision on whether to use the Polytechnic students or field guides as agents or both.

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Wade Tink Jul 15, 2018

With respect to the proposed experiment you need to provide the data on the current success community field guides are achieving. What you haven't made clear here is whether the current method using field guides is a viable channel. Also, what will you consider success in this experiment?

Consider the cost of field guides employing the door to door method versus the proven sales. Appreciate there may be a time consideration here as you prove the financing model.

Also, is it possible for the interns to fulfill this role permanently or is it just a proxy for any external person outside of the Nancholi area- ie. outside a person who lives in the customer segment?

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Harshil Vinod Jul 16, 2018

okay thanks ill get on fixing it up asap

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Wade Tink Jul 15, 2018

Status label added: Idea/Concept Not Complete

Just fix some of the data points around this^^ (specifics) by editing the post.

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Michael Sutton Jul 23, 2018

This idea needs further insight, it is not complete.

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