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[Work Update]: SoCon Cambodia - Best Digital Implementation of Microfinance in Cambodia? - July 2018

To increase accessibility to our micro financing business we need to digitialize our service, however, which technology is most appropriate? Although 96% of the Cambodian population own a mobile device only 46% own a smartphone, therefore developing an app is not suitable in this market and alternative systems are required. I am trying to understand the difference between USSD and WAP protocols to select a fit-for-purpose solution. From my research I have found the following:


USSD would require us to integrate with the network carrier and develop a commercial relationship in order to interface data between PEV and the Customer. Additionally, this would have to be conducted for all carriers in the country in order to gain maximum coverage of the population and they're are costs associated with the transfer. We would also need to confirm if there is a common platform across brands so that we can standardize the ‘menu’ service provided.


In contrast WAP is web-based. It’s a scaled down version of HTML for feature phones, designed for low bit rates. As it uses the Internet as opposed to a mobile carrier it can be accessed globally through a single web server. We could potentially standardize this across the countries. Furthermore the WAP is intuitive and will adjust its interface based on the phone type to provide optimal displays for the type of screen.


I am really keen to hear anyones thoughts about the two protocols or any information you may have so that an informed decision can be made.


Thank you!



Disclaimer: I am not a technologically savvy person please forgive and inform of any errors above.

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Rose Martin Jul 10, 2018

Hey Sapphire! I am also not tech savvy, but are more interested in WHAT you would be testing vs. what method of testing to use.
Were you thinking of using USSD this month, or is this research for a more longer-term experiment? If yes, what would you be testing using either of these methods?

Hope you are well,

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Justin Hakeem Sep 2, 2018

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