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[Work Update]: Cambodia Fuel - Monthly Goals - July 2018

On the back of the HUGE strides of Rocket Stoves in Fiji, we are bringing Fuel Sustainability to Cambodia!

We have a team of five multi-disciplinary engineering students and two engineering leaders who will be hustling hard throughout this first month. We plan to hit the ground running by standing on the shoulders of the giants in Fiji.

The goals for this month are designed to assess and test the potential for a successful Buka Stove model in Cambodia. We plan to execute this with a keen understanding that we do not know that the solution will fit the market, and our purpose is to learn and test exactly that. Although initial recon has shown promising results.

The goals are as follows:

1. Evaluate the viability of implementing the Buka Stove in Cambodia through empathising.

2. Map out a potential supply chain (materials and manufacturing).

3. Present research on competitors and their value propositions to determine our differentiation in the Cambodian market.

4. Manufacture 1 prototype.

5. Test the prototype with 25 customers.

Mitch, myself and our team are incredibly keen for the next month and the huge amount we have set out to achieve in a short space of time.

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Ben Disher Jul 4, 2018

Love your work Deus!

Was having a chat to Nick Kappos about anaerobic digestion, as he was discussing alternatives to the Buka Stove. Has your team come up with any potential alternatives? Would love to hear them as this is something I've been particularly passionate about recently.

Keep smashing out those goals! Look forward to hearing how your team progresses throughout the month.

Thomas de Heus Jul 5, 2018

Cheers for the comment Dish! In first few days of empathising, we're finding a lot of consistency across all villages in the greater Siem Reap region - Laos stoves that use wood and/or charcoal. These fuels are cheap and what the Cambodia people have been using for a long period of time.

We are definitely considering other options, but it's becoming clear that whatever we develop will need to be cheap and able to demonstrate value to the customers. The Laos stove costs $3-5USD and lasts for around 2 years, making it tought to compete with.

We are moving into prototyping in week 3, and will be making use of the materials avaliable to us in country. So far we have located several potential manufacturers, including one small business that creates a range of metal pots out of sheet metal. We will definitely be brainstorming other options in the ideating stage, but early research is leaning towards a rocket stove design as being the most practical for this initial month. We will keep updating in this space, please feel free to share anything you find!

Cris Birzer Jul 9, 2018

Not sure if you can bring a Laos stove back home (most annoying carry-on ever), but it would be appreciated!

Thomas de Heus Jul 9, 2018

I can try my best! They're pretty heavy but definitely would benefit the project in the long run to have further controlled testing. We did some initial testing on it this afternoon and found it difficult to get going (need further information on the techniques used by locals to light it). Once the charcoal was hot however, it worked a charm we were able to cook rice and boil water relatively quickly. Definitely a strong competitor at a very low price point.

We are going to use it more over the next week and determine it's strengths and weaknesseses, then incorportate this into our design -- will keep you updated with this!

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Cris Birzer Jul 5, 2018

If you want a hand with the design work, etc, happy to email ( or Skype (cristian.birzer). We will be testing the Buka Stove in our lab this coming semester.

Thomas de Heus Jul 5, 2018

Cheers Cris!

Once we have a better idea of what materials and manufacturing options are avaliable to us, advice and feedback on our initial design would be fantastic!

We have already purchased a Laos stove, which we are finding in almost every rural household. We plan to conduct some testing on the stove using both wood and charcoal, in order to compare it to the experimental data gathered in Fiji with the Buka stove. Your further testing on the Buka stove over the next semester will really benefit this project over summer when the design is iterated on, to ensure it can offer enough benefits over the Laos stove to justify a currently unknown but expected to be higher price point (Laos stoves are $3-5USD at the market)

Amber Johnston Jul 24, 2018

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Amber Johnston Jul 24, 2018

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