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[Work Update]: Fuel Fiji - Monthly Goals - July 2018

This month fuel sustainability splits off into two teams to divide and conquer their goals. Fuel I will be primarily focusing on solidifying the supply chain and distribution channels and completing a country and worldwide competitor analysis.

Whilst the current use of refrigerant tanks to design the stove has been fantastic for prototyping purposes, they limit the scale at which the stoves can be produced and aren’t feasible in the long term. This month we aim to find a way to mass produce the stoves for a significantly reduced price. This potentially means trialling different materials and different designs, and finding the cheapest price for the materials, be it in Fiji or around the world.

Additionally, utilising PEV teams and vehicles to distribute the stoves around the island is currently an unnecessary drain on resources. Whilst we love to do go out and visit the villages, this is increasingly infeasible as the business grows. We aim to partner with one or more distribution channels to increase our reach around Fiji. This might look like getting our stoves on the shelves of hardware stores or finding someone willing to deliver the stoves rurally for us, or both!

Finally, the team will complete a detailed competitor analysis. In order to place us in the best position to commercialise the business, fuel needs to have a better appreciation of the competitors we have worldwide. This will allow us to ready a proper investor pitch and have a better idea of our position in the cookstove space.

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Andrew Vild Jul 3, 2018

Hi Lucy,

Really excited to see what your team a looking to achieve this month and the outputs as a result.

Can I encourage you to set goals (which have measurable metrics eg. "Three proposed designs/methods for mass production of stoves"). This way you *know* whether you've achieved this at the end of the month or not.

A task is a way in which you would achieve a goal and doesn't need to have a measurable outcome, eg. "Get in contact with interested parties". Here you can see that there's no definitive point where you have definitely achieved the task.

Have a look at Social Consulting and Microfinance description by clicking "more" for an example.

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Andrew Vild Jul 3, 2018

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Wade Tink Jul 3, 2018

Lucy, I've updated the project brief to reflect the goals you have placed here but suggest you update them as per Andrew's post then I can update in the brief. Thanks.

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Wade Tink Jul 3, 2018

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Lucy Preiss Jul 3, 2018

Hi Andrew and Tink,
Yesterday the team ran through a workshop identifying what the monthly goals they had been given meant to them, and had the chance to discuss what the end state of the month would look like and how we would know we were done. All the goals were quantified as a team during this process. Hold on for an update of the specific quantifiable goals!

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Larissa Steele Jul 6, 2018

Great to hear the focus on establishing a distribution channel which would make a major difference on the size of the market we are able to access. Scale is also going to be of major importance, particularly when you are in discussion with potential suppliers & manufacturers. A major issue that Feb team had when we were in Suva literally door to door showcasing our design, was that many engineering and welding companies were not willing to take up the design simply because we were operating at such a small scale -relatively- compared to their usual work and margins. Despite that, many were happy to give us advice on materials and potential modifications to make them easier to manufacture at scale so still worth the visit.

A big win would be to secure a distribution partner (which may require updating financial projections if necessary) which would boost the accessible market, and then to secure a contractual agreement with a supplier to manufacture a relatively large number of stoves on a regular basis under a new design. Obviously if you haven't been able to get around to it yet, touch base with the current supplier we identified (Skylite engineering I believe) to ensure they are still happy to manufacture for us at the price previously agreed on.

A lot of research will be needed, as well as likely quite a few trips to Suva. Excited to hear how you go and best of luck!

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Andrew Vild Jul 6, 2018

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