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HANDOVER June 2018 Energy Malawi

As one month wraps up and another is about to start it gives time to reflect on all that the energy assessment team in Malawi has achieved this month. The highlights were definitely finding a proxy product that has allowed the team to perform market research at a much faster rate than over summer when the focus was on building a PEV product, which proved to be time and resource draining.

This proxy product has allowed the team to make the first sales for PEV in Africa, with nine sales being made throughout the month. With the team only accepting upfront payments of 20 000 MWK this is a huge achievement to be celebrated, and a platform to leap to new heights from.

Moving forward the team is going to focus on the payment plan side of things. The way this is likely to look is through having a more aggressive system of repayment where individuals repay the product over a shorter period of one to three weeks so the methods of payment and distribution are able to be tested, before moving to a plan that is more long term and will work whilst PEV is outside of the country.

Another aspect that is going to be a large focus for the team will be creating a distribution network. This month the team tested sending a package with the mini bus system, and the package arrived in a timely manner but the driver demanded an extra 2000 MWK of the person who received the package, which is a system that needs more testing and regulation before it is viable to be implemented on a large scale.

The creation of a viable business framework is expected through the use of lean methodologies to test assumptions and validate learning.

Here’s to four weeks of nailing project, and to four more!


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