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[JULY 18] ERS Monthly Preview

After the success over the summer and the autonomous operation of ERS in Dili with 5 customers between March and July with remote management, July will be critical in the progression of ERS as a business into the future.


The goal areas for the month are as follows:


1.  Sustain the current business

- Iterating and adapting to any issues that arose since February with the business operation

- Gaining customer feedback

- Training new employees

- Ensuring customer and employee contracts are signed between now and December


2. Find a minimum of one repurposing option for plastic

- 5 prototypes of products to be made from recycled plastic

> The team has already been looking into repurposing options that have been utilised in developing countries in the lead up to project in their pre-project tasks and these will provide research for prototype plans

- Contact a minimum of 20 companies that use plastic in their manufacturing and assess if they can use our bottles


3. Find a minimum of one repurposing option for glass

- 3 prototypes for products made of recycled glass

> The team has already been looking into potential products to be made from recycled glass in their pre-project tasks and these will provide research into prototype plans

- Following on from the results and advice provided after the aggregate test conducted by RMS in February, another aggregate test will be conducted with 20-30% crushed glass and 70-80% gravel.


4. Grow the customer base and customer segments

- Make 10 sales on the current collection route

- Establish BagPay on the current collection route with 20 customers (expansion of the business model to include households and small businesses, please see previous BagPay post for more information)
> This will involve working out a cost Vs benefits analysis, profitable price point and gaining feedback from customers on their price point, and amending our operations to accommodate this expansion


I am super excited about what the month has in store for the ERS team, and the goals we plan to smash in the next 4 weeks.


All ideas and thoughts are appreciated.


Wish us luck for the hectic but exciting month ahead!

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Sam Swain 11 months ago

Good Luck Team! Looks like you've got heaps to smash out!!

Are you looking for organisations within Timor-Leste that would want to use bottles for recycling or further afield? I only ask this because since the recycling 'crisis' in Australia (Europe and the USA), a large number of Australia's recycling is now heading to Indonesia, whether companies there may be looking for additional plastic I don't know.

Good luck with the glass prototypes... always good to be used for bedding, for pipes if you're able to get the compaction ratio to the right standards.

Also I would check out what the Asian Development Bank did (the link is in a previous post) regarding what's currently happening in Timor-Leste. There might be some additional useful links possibly on a local level. Or whether it's worth chatting to the ADB...

All the best for the month!


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Andrew Vild 11 months ago

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