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[Work Update]: FarmEd Timor - The Timor Team's Goals Have Grown for July - July 2018

Patrick Edwards
Patrick Edwards | Jul 1, 2018 | in FarmEd - Timor-Leste

The July FarmEd team is just about to hit the ground,

Where during the month, the viability of the FarmEd model will be found.


With guidance, we will align with the FarmEd direction worldwide,

The three experiments of Sales, Tech and MVP Testing, and Data testing, we will abide.


Through understanding our customers first,

The product will benefit, developing in a burst.


Finding the major wants of farmers will be the go,

Where there will be at least 75 empathizing results from them to show.


80% of the population are subsistence farmers in Timor,

After 15 sales, we strive to help them produce far more.


The access to a viable internet connection will be assessed,

And then a map of the viable areas will be created, allowing future teams ease of digest.


An adoption rate prediction of smartphone technology will be produced,

To further ensure that the viability will be deduced.


There will be at least 10 UX case studies of the use of an Agtech sensor,

Providing feedback for our knowledge on an MVP to become denser.


A strong relationship with AVANSA, our major competitor we wish to form,

Further increasing our potential in assisting farmers, in a swarm.


University credit for Timorese agriculture students and their autonomy will be explored,

Assisting us, and ensuring their time will not be ignored.


We believe this venture has strong potential to succeed,

In sustainable development, we will be there to lead.

In other words, the July goals for FarmEd in Timor are as follows

-Prove the viability of the FarmEd business model:

Regarding experiment 1

-At least 75 interviews conducted in this viable testing

-15 Sales

-2 Case studies of a farmers day

Regarding experiment 2

-Have an adoption rate prediction of smartphone technology

-Assessment of access to a viable internet connection, with a map of working internet

-10 UX case studies on share plots and private farms (including implementation of sensors)


-Form a strong relationship with AVANSA

-Formal credit for UNTL agriculture students to continue work with PEV


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Reuben Dowie Jul 1, 2018

Love it.

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Darcy Connaghan Jul 1, 2018

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Wade Tink Jul 1, 2018

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Wade Tink Jul 1, 2018

Appreciate the creative flair Pat! Can you clearly outline these experiments as a separate post determining what you are seeking to learn, how you are going to measure it and how you are going to build the method to determine these results. Potentially refer to Focus Framework for specifics.
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Patrick Edwards Jul 3, 2018

Will do!

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Jasmine Walker Jul 4, 2018

Super exciting. Be great to see some sales happen - interested to see what youll discover in terms of viability of smartphone tech. Love the throwback photo!

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