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[Work Update]: FarmEd All Countries - Ag Tech Research - June 2018

Liv Hendy
Liv Hendy | Jun 12, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

Here are some resources for those interested in Ag Apps/those working on farmed over July, these range in their applicability to our target market as well as the issues they solve, but as every lecturer has ever told me extra sources never goes awry. 


Firstly the MOONSHOT product

A fully autonomous farming robot, with not only the capabilities of land management but expert troubleshooting. Something well beyond LEAN but none the less pretty amazing this tech is out there. Credit to Matt Allan for sending me this one.


AgCode: similar interface/appeal of first MVP farmed app

NBD: interesting this has been developed for western farmers, including payroll management. There is similarities in the app but differences in the priorities of developing world farmers.


CropX: using sensor technology to check water moisture, temperature and nutrient levels and marketed towards management and improved efficiencies


Farm Lead: Marketplace for grain, model currently being in use


Full Harvest: interesting concept, it connects growers with imperfect produce that can be used in other ways preventing waste. Could be interesting as a way to connect restaurants/cafes who want local produce.


Information regarding chatbots:


Farm.Ink: chatbot currently in operation in africa using existing facebook pages and connecting individuals


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Eugenia Muñoz Jun 12, 2018

Love this! To add to it here are some resources I've come across:

- Harvard Business Review article:
This article is a really good place to start because it explains the problem space really well. It also talks about other startups working in the same space.

- Zenvus:
They have lots of different services for smallholder farmers. One that is particularly relevant is their 'smartfarm' sensors that collect agricultural data.

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Patrick Edwards Jun 12, 2018

Love it, cheers!

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Isaac Crawford Jun 13, 2018

Very much getting around this. Though a question I always find interesting with AgTech solutions in the developing world. If there are fully autonomous technology services that can take care of farm management, what is the timeline for these things to be affordable and available in the developing world?

It may be possible that these technologies become so readily available that they do hit the developing market, however what is the key sell to these small holder farmers so they prioritise the purchase of a high tech ag solution over say other concerns such as education and healthcare?

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Liv Hendy Jun 13, 2018

So true, with the existent of these technologies it is a potential threat to our product if these companies have the ability to scale up and reach our target market in developing worlds. Something of interest though, alot of these apps are attractive to customers through their ability to manage every aspect of agribusiness (Agcode is a good example) which includes tools for payroll management and monitoring supply chain (tracking deliveries and inventory). This could be a good point where our product diverts, that isn't as useful to farmers we've seen operate in country but we have the potential to show them the tools they find useful, namely troubleshooting and technical assistance. I completely agree with you, we need to hit that sweet spot where farmers are willing to forgo spending on other options because they trust in the investment into the future of their farms.

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Darcy Connaghan Jul 1, 2018

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