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[Work Update]: SoCon Fiji - HANDOVER: Wrapping it up for SoCon's summer - Feb 2018

This month the February team have been busy following up leads the January left us, as well as chasing new avenues and confirming key assumptions. The biggest change we made to the business was to increase the number of educational modules and began moving away from accreditation. We identified early in month after a discussion with FHEC and the Technical College, that accreditation would not be achievable for quite some time and as such, decided to focus more on how we could improve the modules we had. By increasing the number of modules, we are aiming to sell them together as packages compared to individually as we have been doing this month. With this goal, we hope to ensure repeat customers and a more sustainable revenue stream.


The Interns

We also attempted to trail an internship programme. This month we sought to interview several candidates who showed interest in joining our team, with the intention of bringing two or three of these people into the team. Unfortunately, this proved to be much harder than originally thought and only one person showed up for an interview. We went ahead and decided to hire the one person who showed up and went into the remainder of the month quite optimistic. Ultimately, this was unsuccessful as we struggled to gain any sort of commitment from our intern.  



Whilst we struggled for success with our intern, our team was able to expand our various stakeholder relationships and further solidify our existing ones. We entered this month having a strong relationship with SPBD and for the past four weeks have worked closely with them. We delivered three workshops, two in Lautoka and one in Sigatoka to SPBD clients as well as one workshop to local members of the Sigatoka community. The most promising new relationship which formed from this month was alongside FCOSS. Four FCOSS employees attended our community workshop in Sigatoka and hopefully, this can be the beginning of a new SoCon partnership. Furthermore, our communications with various government ministries - Ministry of Youth and Sport and Ministry of Women - are sure opportunities that can be further explored in coming months.


Actions On for July

When the next team comes to take over the project in July, we suggest that trialling the packaging scheme for our workshops should be a priority. After analyzing various options as to how our business can grow, we feel that this is likely to be the most achievable. We also suggest persisting with the internship program but pursuing it through more official avenues, e.g. universities. Finally, it is important to maintain the strong relationships we have, in particular with SPBD as this is the business’ main source of revenue. In addition to this, growing our relationship with FCOSS, and the Ministries are essential for increasing our revenue and customer base.


Check out our Business Plan to understand any of what we've discussed further!


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