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Waste not, want not

Paige Moult
Paige Moult | Feb 23, 2018 | in Ideas Box

Whilst driving and walking around Blantyre and surrounding regions in Malawi, it is easy to see that littering is a massive issue. This may be due to an inadequate education revolving around waste issues as it is often seen that people throw rubbish out of car windows or simply drop it on the ground as they walk by.

Coming from South Australia, recycling is a huge part of daily life, the council provided recycling bin is larger than the landfill bin. Another side to recycling in South Australia is the money incentivised recycling program for plastic and glass bottles and cans.

I know that the recycling of glass bottles here in Malawi is rather successful as the incentives make it worth it for the population. However, as far as I know, nothing is being done about the plastic bottles and cans. The extent of the littering is much larger than this, but you have to start somewhere in solving the issue. I have noticed that at restaurants and cafes, cans and plastic bottled drinks are sometimes more expensive than glass bottled drinks which may be due to the recycling incentives.

There is the potential to adopt a similar business model as the incentivised plastic and glass bottles and cans program in South Australia, here in Malawi.


Therefore, I believe that Malawi would benefit strongly from a Project Everest Recycling project. Through empathising and research here in Malawi, there is so much potential for a sustainable positive social impact through recycling.

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Andrew Vild Feb 26, 2018

Love this idea and definitely agree with all of the above. More importantly though is the opportunity for a viable business model in the Malawian landscape. Did you or any others do any research into whether we can sell on collected bottles? How much can we get for selling them on? Is there a demand for reused/recycled/repurposed plastics? Whether there are any other organisations in the space working on this problem?

No stress if we don't have answers to this yet but it would definitely assist in fighting for having a project like this run in future.

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Paige Moult Mar 1, 2018

Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to do any research to whether it would be viable or not.

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