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Land A’Hoy!

Lauren Gallaway
Lauren Gallaway | Feb 19, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

The Greatest Fine Art of the Future Will Be the Making of a Comfortable Living From a Small Piece of Land

~ Abraham Lincoln ~




While ERS has been operating the recycling collection service in Timor-Leste for some time now, our only storage method has been to remove the bales of aluminum cans and glass and plastic bottles from the back of Amino’s truck and leave them at the front of our accommodation ~*Paradises*~. The transition of Project between last July and December demonstrated that this is not a viable business plan, as our landlord, Al, and government do not like the image of the idle recyclables. This meant that all of the recyclables were subsequently taken to Tibar and burnt just like the normal Timorese rubbish run. This caused our clients to lose faith in our collection service, as we could not uphold our end of the contract.


This meant that a non-negotiable goal established at the start of February was to sign a contract for land.  


Land was paramount due to the fact that to operate as an autonomous business, ERS needed a site at which we could store our collected recyclables after our Monday and Thursday bin runs. The site also offers our segregators a work environment that they can operate in, with the comfort of a fan and shelter from the elements, while also giving our manager a place to store all of the documentations and transactions between us and our clients.

From day dot we had people scouring the expansive land that is Dili, dropping pins and incorporating our objective in our group amazing race. We were starting to lose hope after calling countless cagey numbers until Remi (aka the legend aka long pipes) happened to stumble down a dirt road trying to chuck a u-ey on his way home.

As of Saturday Week 3, ERS has land! Lucy and Remi signed the papers and we have cleared the storage space. On Monday Week 4, we completed our first autonomous collection and deposited the recyclables inside. Lock, key and all - we did it. Congrats to ERS on hustlin’ hard and grindin’ into gear.

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