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Making GAINS in Timor

Lauren Gallaway
Lauren Gallaway | Feb 14, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

ERS has been smashing goals once thought impossible, but with successes comes some unaccounted for roadblocks.

Thus far, we have been able to sign on 2 new customers (WEC and SDV Bollore Logistics) who have one and two collections per week respectively. With this and the imminent departure of PE from Timor-Leste it is essential that we acquire land for storage of recyclables.

During week 2 our team searched far and wide, with various price quotes and levels of suitability. Our best find was a large storage facility with good ventilation and in a central location. This price (heavily negotiated already) was $150 per week. Our current outflows include: rent of land, truck driver wages $10per hour at two pickups per week averaging 1.5hours per pickup, manager wages $2.50 per hour and 2 hours per week and our segregator wages at $1.50 per hour as well as miscellaneous equipment e.g bags, gloves etc. Current projections predict that with the cost of this land and wages for our new employees we would be running at a loss of $183 per month. This is a very high loss that we hadn’t predicted or accounted for at the start of the month when setting our goals.Refining them going into the 3rd week we aim to get at least 2 new customers at 2 pickups per week or 4 new customers. Our main aim now is to minimise losses by gaining new customers along our current routes to maximise efficiency. Our sales team has been working hard and already has 2 further EOI.


Our team has diverse skills this month and has also delved into expansion plans for ERS. We began with an empathising workshop with Bec, and then a comprehensive cost benefit analysis and decided that our best option was to go out and empathise with local Timorese businesses along our current routes. This went incredibly well and gained 2 EOI ($6 per week) of several bag pick ups per week. Small gains in comparison to week one, but any further suggestions from the Crowdicity family to maximise revenue and minimise loss would be greatly appreciated by the February team.


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