Project Everest

Our Visit to Sautabu Village

Yesterday a team of eight people from PE travelled up the valley to attend a village visit in Sautabu Village. The team was a mixture of trekkers from all three projects with two representatives from SoCon and Fuel, plus four from Farm Ed. The team went with the purpose of presenting a united Project Everest front and pitching the varied but interlinked services of SoCon, Fuel and FarmEd. Further, all the teams had differing purposes for attending the village, and therefore the whole trip proved extremely productive.


FarmEd’s contact, Mark, from the Provincial Office was able to organise the visit and give cultural guidance. Seth, the Market Analysis Team Leader, drove the team down after picking up Mark. Once we arrived, we made an active effort to introduce our projects individually, to clarify the purpose of visiting Sautabu with such a large group.


After arriving and taking part in the Kava ceremony, the pairs from the respective teams were able to pursue their own agendas. Cheyenne and Megan from Fuel Sustainability walked around the village so that they could observe the cooking methods of the women. Xiuling from Farm Ed joined them as the third person so that she could see any available farms that were not blocked off by flooding. This empathising is increasingly important as many of the projects enter the build-measure-learn cycle of prototype testing. Thus, today was mostly about introducing ourselves and our services and getting to know the villagers of Sautabu Village. It was also key in understanding their perspective on our goods and services and what advantage they see in using them.

For my own personal project, SoCon, it was clear that workshops surrounding bookkeeping gained the most interest for the villagers of Sautabu Village. Villagers often reiterated the need for more accurate records of their farm’s revenues, expenses and yield outputs. This affirms our hope to run a village workshop during the month, and the positive experience we had at Sautabu village is exciting for not only SoCon, but all projects involved.


The visit to Sautabu village confirmed the potential for SoCon to expand its target market to include not only SMEs but also village farmers and micro business owners. Furthermore, it allows us to trial village workshop’s suitability.  This would increase our reach and make our services more readily available. Overall this possible partnership would advance SoCon towards its goal of reducing unemployment and making business education more accessible.

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