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Nsima and Solar - Malawi Energy Assessment Week 1 report

Nate/ Nathan Lucas
Nate/ Nathan Lucas | Feb 6, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

Whilst getting used to the local Nsima and slowly improving their Chichewa proficiency, the energy team has had a solid first week. The first order of the project was goal setting, and the team decided on setting our vision towards our 3 month goal:


“Sell 50 units of ModSol at a profit margin of 70%”.


Although this is big, hairy and audacious, it is a goal that we need to work towards. Thus, in order to do this, the team has focused on creating a network of contacts and information that will benefit our eventual supply chain. The process is slow: disconnected phone calls, incorrect commercial addresses and Africa time are amongst some of the uncontrollable factors that all comes as part of the pie with working in Malawi. However, the team has pushed on.


One big aspect of the project is getting the technical side right. We currently have a finished V3 prototype, which incorporates a simple circuit and provides a light and a phone charger. The next stage is getting out to the villages to ascertain which features bring them value. A significant amount of people in Malawi live on or below the poverty line, so our value proposition has to be extremely clear and fine tuned to the unique Malawian lifestyle in order to reach into their pockets and pay for our product.


As previously mentioned, a major facet that is essential for us to reach our 3 month goal is to define the future supply chain of ModSol. Communication issues and potential inefficiency within the distribution industry are amongst the initial concerns of locally manufacturing our ModSol product. Further, the team is trying to discuss the feasibility of manufacturing overseas and importing into Malawi.


Our team has had a stellar first week, and morale is very high.


Any questions or input would be much appreciated! Cheers!

Isaac Crawford Feb 6, 2018

Big, hairy AND audacious. Does your team plan on doing a financial forecasting by the end of the month to help the next team create a business design in the future?

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Nate/ Nathan Lucas Feb 6, 2018

Hey Isaac, yes we will definitely be attempting to do some financial forecasting. We are trying to significantly lower our COGS to approximately 8,000 MWK (Approx $20AU) or less. So, the team needs to conduct a cost analysis of different suppliers and importers in Blantyre and also Malawi.

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Lachlan Crawford Feb 12, 2018

Have you contacted the Timor-Leste Energy team? They have a supplier (Sundaya) who may be interested in expanding globally

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Wade Tink Jul 2, 2018

Status label added: Work Update

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