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Companion Planting - From My Head Tomatoes

Josh Blaymires
Josh Blaymires | Feb 5, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

Feb Field Development in Cambodia has well and truly hit the ground running, and carried their superb start from the first week into week two. Through a solid ideation and goal setting process post-induction, Field Dev has been working hard on developing new blueprints to test on our Primary and Secondary plot's here in Siem Reap.

Most farmers in Cambodia partake in subsistence agriculture; a self-sufficient farming system where farmers focus on only growing enough food for themselves and their families. Thus, there is little or no trade surplus. Subsistence agriculture thus is a precarious situation; a society of people in poverty who can barely grow enough food to feed themselves because of a lack of resources and/or poor growing conditions. Companion planting aims to increase annual yield for farmers so that they are able to move away from subsistence to sustainable agriculture.

Throughout the first week, Field Dev has worked out four different combinations, which will be planted in beds at the Landmine Museum over the next week. Through our research and planning, we believe that it is a system that should be considered seriously across all PE based countries in an attempt to achieve the second UN Sustainable Development Goal in ending hunger.

Here is the Companion Planting document, which can be referred to for a more comprehensive view of our plot combinations, harvesting processes, and storage requirements. The reasoning behind this layout was to incorporate later factors that will need to be conveyed to our stakeholders and caretakers of the land. This way team members can research specific combinations and amalgamate information as they are finding it, which can then be used later in a practical way for teams to convey key timings, methods of harvesting and storage information vital for the collection of data from our plots during seasons of non-operation.



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Zoe Cahill Feb 5, 2018

This is really great. It would be good to have a call with your team sometime this week to get across what you have been doing in Cambodia and what we have found out here in Fiji.

Let me know when you are free.

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Josh Blaymires Feb 5, 2018

Hey Zoe, I'll have a chat to Liv and get back to you! Thank you so much!!!

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Mallory Dobner Jul 1, 2018

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