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FarmEd Goes B2B With Proof Of Concept

Corey Middleton
Corey Middleton | Feb 1, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

The objective of the month is to test our current hypotheses surrounding the new B2B model of Farmed. This will primarily involve the establishment of a co-op in partnership with TECA, creating & testing workshops run through the co-op, and testing the database and operating systems (eg. sales pipeline & marketing activities).


We must also seek to understand key customer behaviours which will assist in the development of the FarmEd app by conducting case studies, shadowing farmers, and revisiting consultancy report customers.


Sustainable Development Goal:

FarmEd is aiming to solve Goal 2 of the Sustainable Development Goals: End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture.



  1. Test 4 hypotheses about the new B2B model of FarmEd

  2. Test four workshops through the co-op partnership

  3. Test 10 pieces of marketing content with each customer segment  

  4. Map and test 3 customer journeys along the B2B sales pipeline

  5. Conduct customer behaviour analysis on 20 customers for app developer



This month will be split into four major areas of focus:

Establishing co-op

Testing B2B FarmEd Model

Sales & Marketing


Sign 1 MOU with Namugi co-op

Grow co-op to 75% of total farmer numbers in the area

Identify 1 other potential co-op partnership

Fill BMC for B2B model

Establish metrics of B2B success

Compare B2B metrics with B2C

5 blueprint sales through B2B model

Sale to 1 commercial supplier

Empathise with 20 towns as to how they make buying decisions

Empathise with 4 co-ops as to how they make buying decisions

Write 3 customer journey maps / customer segments

Implement 3 advertising mini-campaigns for testing

Detail 8 workshop topics

Trial 4 topics with 20 farmers each for feedback

Run 2 Workshops


Likely Tasks:


Establishing co-op

Testing B2B FarmEd Model

Sales & Marketing


Stakeholder engagement

Empathising with village headman / peleasie

Writing MOU

Measuring key metrics

Writing BMC

Validating BMC assumptions


Creating advertisements


Mapping sales pipeline


Exploring podio capabilities

Creating SOP’s

Identify locations

Identify dates

Customer relationship management

Account keeping

Record keeping

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