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Developing Everest Recycling Solutions in February

Austen Hunt
Austen Hunt | Jan 31, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

The February team will be continuing on from the combined efforts of the December and January teams, which have contributed great strides to our understanding of the waste management services here in Siem Reap. With this increased understanding of the market landscape, the February teams efforts will be primarily focused upon developing and implementing a viable business model aimed at minimising the amount of general waste and glass beverage containers which are currently neglected by the current collection system in Siem Reap. This failure of the current system to adequately collect the general waste produced by the Cambodian public results in a large portion of hazardous materials being burnt, which detracts from the publics well being through its releasing of toxic fumes into the environment in which the communities live. As such, this task and the efforts of the Everest Recycling Solutions (ERS) aim to contribute to the sustainable development goals (#3 and #11) of the United nations: increasing the standard of public health, and promoting the development of sustainable cities and communities. 

So how will we do this? What are our goals? And how will we measure our progress?


As general waste and glass beverage containers are quite different in composition and life cycle, we see that our methods in tackling these two different strands of waste should be serviced through alternate models. As such, we will aim to develop two business focused solutions that will increase the rate at which these products are either recycled back into circulation or able to be serviced by current waste collection services with which we are partnered. Developing solutions which allow for larger market bodies operating within Cambodia to increase the rate to which they manage the waste they are responsible for, or release into circulation. 


This month, we will be acting upon the comprehensive market analysis which the previous teams were able to conduct. Providing us with a platform to understand how best to navigate within the market with the full cooperation of our partners in the field. Inclusive of GAEA, the waste collection service which has been contracted by city hall to be the sole provider in the larger Siem Reap area. Furthermore, this platform has provided us with data on the elusive Adjays (the people who are self employed to collect recyclables and move waste within Cambodia) allowing us begin ideating methods of contacting them with greater ease in the future. In order to involve them in the possible logistics of future business models. With this information, the efforts of the seven trekkers on the team will be able to chip away at the goals which are required to see this project progress into it’s next phase. 


These Goal and the metrics which we will use to measure them are as follows in the attached documentation. 

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Ryan White Jan 31, 2018

Sounds like a packed month with a lot of potential squad! Really interested in hearing some more details regarding the two core goals of your month being the rural collection service and the glass repurposing.
With regards to the glass, have you gauged an idea of where you see the potential end state to be (I know it is only day 2 of the project, but what inspired the direction)? I'd imagine you would be looking into Heineken and the beautiful industry that is Pub Street, but I'd love to hear if you are looking into any other source points.
For the rural collection, are you intending to stay in Puok or venture out into some different areas as well?
And lastly, you mentioned that you want to have two separate business plans put in place for the two ideas, but do you think the glass recycling system and the waste collection is able to go hand in hand or will they act as two separate entities of revenue generation?
ERS in Timor doesn't really have any recycling systems put in place, but a bunch of players wanting to kick-start the initiative which is starting to work in our favour. I know from my time in Cambodia that there are a lot of small recycling initiatives floating around, but are there any big fish in the pond too that you could look into contacting?

Best of luck for the first week!

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Austen Hunt Jan 31, 2018

Hey Ryan!
Definitely a big month ahead, but the team are in a great position thanks to the efforts of the two prior teams that have paved the way for some great developments. The team was able to draw a schematic for a business model which aims at streamlining glass waste, produced as a result of beverage consumption, back to sanitisation facilities under the ownership of companies such as Heineken for imbursement.
The day was spent getting in contact with relevant partners required to make this project tangible as well as isolating the assumptions we have in regard to the logistics supply line and relevant actors in this space. Building the required 'actions on' for the month to hit our monthly goals and fill in these knowledge gaps so that we can potentially draw these links between partners.
While the handwriting is poor (apologies) here is a copy of the monthly goals that the team has formed based of this iteration. as well as a visual representation of how we see this model forming.

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Jimmy Bayssari Feb 1, 2018

There is a lot going on! Good stuff.

I suppose the thing to consider here that seems a little unclear is (and I can see Ryan has also asked and it would be good to hear thoughts), with the business models:
- Are you planning on establishing two models that will run as separate businesses or;
- Are you planning on offering these as options for your service offering?

Secondary, how do you plan to integrate key stakeholders into the equation? For example, how will Adjays be of service to the business? If the plan is to develop a platform for communication, what would that look like?

I know it is early days, but it would be awesome to see a customer journey map for both services that you plan to offer, along with supply chain diagrams- this might help inspire some further direction on how exactly your customers move through the process (both individuals and businesses).

Good luck!

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Andrew Vild Jul 2, 2018

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