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Jan Fiji Field Dev Summary

Zoe Cahill
Zoe Cahill | Jan 30, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

Unfortunately, it is that time of the month where we have to wrap everything up and pass on our project to the next team. FarmEd Field Development has had a huge month, filled with sweat, blisters, digging and good vibes. The team has worked tirelessly to ensure that we have continued and developed upon the work that was done by the teams who have come before us and to hopefully lay a solid foundation for those that will come after us.


Our goal for the month was to set up our plot in Sigatoka. We managed to achieve this goal in just over 3 weeks and absolutely smashed out the construction of our 28 beds, as well as complete a continuous cropping plan and matching blueprint for coming weeks. After some intense days out in the sun and many roadblocks that could have impeded upon our progress, we managed to pull through and complete what we set out to do from the beginning of the month. 


Being the multi-talented team that we are, we managed to also complete additional tasks that really set this month up as one of progression and achievement. 

  • We developed and hosted the first FramEd workshop here in Sigatoka. We have learnt a lot from this workshop and have developed points of action that will need to be improved upon and developed for future teams. 

  • We began the base work for a potential case study for FarmEd. We have looked into the potential of Sairasi, the farm manager of the plot, to be involved in this so we can test the management of the blueprint. 

  • We completed the initial stages of our work on Unit Economics. This has set up the framework for both the Market Analysis and Field Development teams next month to progress and ensure that we are proving our concept.

  • We regularly visited our plot down at Ranadi to ensure that we maintained the plot alongside the amazing team down there, as well as collecting all relevant data. From our experiences with collecting this data, we have realised that the current system of collecting this data is not as efficient as it should be and therefore the information was not accurate or consistent. 

  • We began research into weed and pest management options, which will be continued and tested by the incoming team for next month. 


There was also a smattering of other tasks and goals that we smashed throughout the month, like completing the additional blueprints, growing and tending to our seeds and creating learning modules for future workshops. 


So all in all, the hustle for this month has been unreal and its been an absolute pleasure to work with such dedicated and wonderful humans. We are excited to keep the ball rolling and see the progress that will be made by the next team!

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