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HANDOVER for Agriculture January 2018

Roya Ghodsi
Roya Ghodsi | Jan 28, 2018 | in Agriculture Assessment

The Agriculture Assessment in Malawi has reached the end of an incredibly rewarding month. The month was primarily spent maintaining the experimental farm that was implemented in December, investigating the food supply chain in and around Blantyre, and building a network of contacts within the agricultural space who can further the development of our blueprint product.

The team travelled out to our experimental plot in Nsambudzi on a weekly basis in order to care for the farm, and to record its progress. After observing low germination rates for some of the crops due to a lack of rainfall, new carrot, tomato and eggplant seedlings were either resown or transplanted into the beds. 

While these maintenance activities were considered extremely important, the team decided against developing the farm any further this month.  We concluded that sourcing information through secondary research would at this stage be a more efficient means for identifying the best farming practices to incorporate into our blueprint product. We therefore started to track down some of the most successful and innovative horticulture farmers in the region, to understand how we can replicate their methods. Bvumbwe Research Station, a government-run agricultural research facility, expressed massive interest in the idea of a farming blueprint and have shown interest in helping Project Everest in the process of its development. The Research Station has massive amounts of nation-wide research and experimental data which would be extremely useful in informing the technical details of the blueprint.

In order to assess the viability of a distribution service as part of our final product, the team also began investigating the food supply chain in Blantyre to better understand the flow of food between farmers and end consumers. Meetings were conducted with various supermarkets, restaurants and hotels, and the team visited a range of local fresh produce markets. Through this process, we began to understand how food gets from the farm to the plate, and whether there is a space for Project Everest in this industry.


The month’s Handover Summary and Business Plan are attached, along with handover documents specific to the Experimental Plot and Distribution Service Analysis.

Also attached are a report on Agriculture in Malawi and a How-to Guide on developing a farming blueprint. These documents were created during the month as resources for future teams, to get them one step closer towards improving food security and market access for Malawian farmers. 

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