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Yeah The Bins - ERS 1 Handover

Lucy Preiss
Lucy Preiss | Jan 28, 2018 | in Knowledge Base


The prototyping team has gone from strength to strength this month, building upon the December team’s efforts in glass and plastic and coming up with a wide range of brand new ideas. 

Our most promising prototype is using glass in a concrete aggregate mix. There are multiple studies on its strength and effectiveness, and we currently have our own aggregate bricks undergoing compressive strength testing by an Australian company here in Dili. Results won’t be in for another three weeks, but our team is sure of a positive result. Special shout out to Tim, Hazik and Chris, who washed and crushed 40kg of glass in two afternoons. Once we get the okay, glass can begin to be sold to construction companies and hardware stores around Dili, some of whom have already expressed interest. In the long term, glass could be used to strengthen the road network as Timor further develops.

Plastic prototyping has had significantly more variation, with equally exciting results. Our team has built an eCooler (, a greenhouse for the Ag team here in Timor, and donated bottles to a recycling organisation here, 3R. 3R then use these bottles to make bins to give to schools around Dili. It has been fantastic to get our hands dirty and repurpose trash into treasure, as lead by our wonderful innovator, Issy. A potential plastic buyer has also been found, adding yet another option to the end use of our plastic.

Our aluminium cans are still being sold to the company we have used in previous months. With a high price and reliable service, why mess with perfection?

The operations and logistics side of project has also made huge strides. Our truck driver Aminu is about to enter his fourth month of employment with Project Everest, and is driving faster than ever! Systems and processes have been optimised to ensure that rubbish collection is as efficient (and as safe) as possible. SOPs and WHS procedures have been updated and continue to be in line with Australian requirements.

The seemingly never ending search for land continues, but it may appear that we are getting closer. After countless conversations, advertisement replies and chance encounters, all with no success, the January team (Nathan and Mary, this hustle is all you) finally found the Department of Land and Property and have started an application through the government to receive land. After so many road blocks, this is absolutely invigorating prospect. We should hear back in the next few weeks, so February team, get excited!!

January has been an absolute power month for ERS 1, and we are so excited to see the momentum continue through into February!

See our business plan attached!

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Sam Swain Jan 28, 2018

Hi Everyone, this is such a great hustle and great effort from everyone in the January team. So first of all congratulations! It's great to see the project build upon the learnings and successes of all the previous teams beforehand.

Efficiencies are really important in waste and recycling collection systems, particularly through routes, driver training, time of collection etc. This will be ever more important as the service grows and evolves.

Also congratulations on all the prototyping, particularly on the glass, which is a difficult product to recycle, it's great to see a reuse for it.

I'm happy to hear Aminu, is still working for the collections, he's a good operator and keen to continue working, it's also great to have continuity (saves having to teach someone again).

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Andrew Vild Jul 2, 2018

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