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Timor-Leste Energy Assessment Update January 2018

Jock Willoughby
Jock Willoughby | Jan 28, 2018 | in Knowledge Base

The January Energy Team walked in after two months of extremely dedicated groups to a lot of challenges. Through extensive hussle, a few late nights and an unbelievable amount of passion, they cemented their place as a worthy team for energy assessment. As for the evidence, it is clearly defined by the list of achievements.


By the end of week one the team had organised the monthly goals, worked out a plan to use a drone for assessments and successfully deciphered the December drive. Early on, the team seemed a little unsure of how it was working, however, it quickly found its feet with extensive banter and a good work ethic. Stepping back to take a look at the bigger picture of the Timor energy issues was extremely useful for the team as it helped to understand that the overall vision for the project. This was to work towards helping provide more reliable, affordable and sustainable energy options for the rural communities. Understanding this then allowed pathways to be drawn from the current project to the end goal, identifying crucial tasks and objectives along the way.


The team hit the second week running, with getting an M.O.U signed mid week with a local representative for the solar company Sundaya. This was a huge boost to confidence and accelerated the hustle to follow up with our interested customers. Week two also saw a division of resources were the project was split into 5 separate and interlinked sections. Sales and Business, External Partnerships, Education and Training, Rural Expansion and Alternative solutions. Once broken down into these teams, the productivity markedly increased. By the end of week two, the external partnerships division had identified a potential avenue for funding through DFAT, which could be cruical for the rural expansion vision of the team.


Onto the 3rd week and the reality of being half way through the project dawned on the team. Hustle picked up drastically and meetings were being set up left right and centre. The different sectors worked alongside each other and separated. For the education sector CNEFP, a local training college, was contacted and expressed interest in being both a customer and being an installer for rural communities. Key contacts for the partnership section were the NGO, Hivos, who spoke of our potential suitability for the green climate fund grant and expressed interest in partnering for rural expansion, and DFAT who expressed that we may be suitable for funding. Alternative research reached out to external resources to help assist with assessing the viability for a fuel team in  Timor leste and along with the rural expansion sector conducting rural assessments in Hera to gauge the viability of rocket stoves. Sales and businesses also communicated to the rural expansion team that they would like them to assess the viability of selling small solar packs however this was found to be infeasible at present. Despite this, the business and sales team continued to hustle and push for making sales to our primary customers, medium to large businesses. While all this was happening progress with our partnership with Hugh Collett was continued to clarify the details of the SOP for making sales and the contacts lists were compared between both parties so that it was known which contacts should be pursued, left alone and which should be shared.


Come week four it was time to begin wrapping up. Final information was obtained from the chief of Hera, Hugh Collett and CNEFP in order to create the Handover documents, impact assessment, business plan and an assessment of the viability of a fuel project in Timor. Throughout the week the Team put together the Handover ready for February and team vibes.


Overall, there was massive progress made this month by the Energy team, with new pathways being established and more defined direction for facilitating the greatest social impact possible.

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