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Replicating an existing business - Camp stove 2

Please see the following link for a product design which could potentially be replicated in a developing country to address both fuel sustainability and energy issues in remote areas.

Let me know your thoughts on viability! 

Corey Middleton Feb 5, 2018

Did this get seen?

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Andrew Vild Jul 2, 2018

Status label added: Proposal not viable

We have marked this as not viable for the following reasons: - the initial proposed social benefit of the fuel stove is environmental sustainability through *reducing* consumption of hydrocarbons in the cooking process. - the value proposition of the camp stove is for campers who are out in the middle of nowhere and need to charge phones/have light using the environment around them. - the problem with this idea is it *encourages* the user to use hydrocarbons to generate electricity (an incredibly ineffectient way of generating electricity too) - the value proposition of fuel in terms of social benefit needs to stay true to reducing emissions for health and environmental reasons, not to encourage more burning.

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